Deadly PassionsMature

 Deadly Passions

Chapter Three: Xavier

Xavier wakes up, his breathing is heavy, and he feels high, his body aches. Slowly he looks over and sees Tyrent lying beside him, shirtless and snoring. Pulling the cover off of himself slightly Xavier uncovers that he is naked beneath the blankets.

Tyrent rolls over and wraps his muscular arms around Xavier. Xavier looks at Tyrent’s face, something begins to trickle from his mouth at first it appeared to be spit, but X looks closer and discovers that it is blood. X moves his hand quickly in front of his mouth to muffle his own gasp, as he pulls his hand away he discovers blood on his hand.

Forcefully he pulls himself out of Tyrent’s grasp and falls onto the bedroom floor, pulling the blankets with him and making Tyrent sit up in the bed. Xavier crawls towards the bedroom closet, heart racing, and filled with abhorrence. Inside the closet Xavier curls up in the corner and begins praying that Tyrent doesn’t hurt him, behind him sits a mirror, he looks at himself, he is sweaty, shaking and he spots the source of the blood, his neck slowly trickling blood.  

Tyrent stands up from the bed, his muscles gleaming with sweat, going down his muscular body a happy-trail leads right down to a throbbing and purple-headed monster cock of 13”. Tyrent walks over to the closet and reaches out his hand, “Come on young buck, don’t act so scared…you had a dream about me right?”

Xavier is shocked about Tyrent knowing about his dream, “Ho…how did you know about that?” his voice is more fem than usual.

Tyrent laughs, “Say what I am, and I will tell you everything…”

“I…I’m not sure what you…you are.” Xavier feels as if his heart has jumped up into his throat.

Tyrent reaches into the closet and pulls Xavier out; Xavier is on his knees staring up at Tyrent, fear flashes through Xavier’s eyes. Tyrent grins and licks his lips, Xavier notices Tyrent’s erect penis throbbing above him.

“Now little nigga, say what you know I am right the fuck now!” Tyrent grabs Xavier by the neck and grins at him.

“A…v….vampire….” Xavier blurts out.

“Very good, now are you scared of me?”

Xavier’s eyes fill with tears, “Y……yes…”

Tyrent gets down on his knees in front of Xavier and takes Xavier’s hands, he smiles at Xavier, “Look…I’m not going to hurt you shawty.” He kisses one of Xavier’s hands and then lifts up his chin and kisses him lightly on the lips.

“The reason you had a dream about me is because, I’m in love with you, when a vampire develops feelings for a mortal, they begin to lust after us.” Tyrent stands up and extends his hand out to X, “Come on get off of the floor.” X takes his hand, Tyrent pulls him up and then into a hug. “I’ve never wanted a human the way that I want you, I can’t get you out of my head.”

Tyrent goes over to his dresser and pulls out a small silver key, and holds it close to his heart. The key begins to glow…suddenly the bedroom transforms into a ballroom made of mirrors. As if by magic Tyrent is suddenly wearing a tuxedo, Xavier looks at his own reflection and sees that he is wearing a wedding dress styled ball gown. Tyrent walks over to Xavier and takes his hand.

Xavier and Tyrent waltz around the glass ballroom, Tyrent running his hands across Xavier’s arms, causing X to get goose-bumps and blush. Xavier grips tightly on Tyrent’s shoulders, he loves how firm they are…slowly he leans towards Tyrent’s lips and the two of them kiss passionately.

“You said…I had those dreams because you were falling in love?” Xavier asks while Tyrent twirls him in a circle.

“Yes, I fell for you the moment I saw you.” Tyrent lifts Xavier in the air and then dangles the key in his right hand.

The ballroom becomes the bedroom once again and Tyrent slowly places Xavier onto the bed, and lies next to him. They both grab one another’s hand and stare up at the ceiling.

“I love you Xavier.” Tyrent says while closing his eyes.

Xavier lies there silent for a few minutes and then manages to respond, “I love you too Tyrent.”

“What was that place we danced in?” Xavier finally asked.

“It is a realm of mine called Deadly Passions, it’s a place where I go to calm my nerves.” He smiles, “But the realm is located in my heart, that’s why I use a key to my heart, to open the realm.”

Tyrent reaches under his pillow and pulls out an exact replica of his silver-key, “I want you to have the key to my heart, use it when you need to escape the mortal world.” Xavier takes the key and attaches it to his lanyard, “Thank you Tyrent.” Xavier kisses Tyrent on the cheek.  

The End

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