Strange Obsessions and FeelingsMature

Strange Obsessions and Feelings

Chapter Two: DJ

Darrel “DJ” Owens is Leon’s father; he works at St. Luis Hospital which is located in the downtown area of EastPort, PA as a doctor. DJ is dark-skinned like his brother, but has a smaller frame, wears glasses and actually talks proper when he is on the job.

He walks into the break room with his bag of homemade lunch and sits at the table in the center of the room, another male doctor gets a bag of chips from the vending machine and leaves, which leaves the break room all to DJ. He pulls out a tuna sandwich from his bag and a Pepsi; he takes out a small plastic knife and carefully cuts off the crust of his sandwich.

Halfway through his break he gets a text from someone he wanted to hear from, he tosses the rest of his meal out and heads to the parking garage of the hospital. He walks over to a Mazda that is parked a few inches away from his own car. A Puerto Rican dude wearing a beater, some Timbs and jeans is leaning on the trunk of the Mazda with a cigarette in his hand and cellphone in the other, his muscles were huge.

“Yo are you Torres?” DJ says to the Rican dude.

The Rican guy grins and flicks his cigarette onto the ground and turns to face DJ, his eyes are filled with a yellowish glow and his stare is intimidating, “Yeah that’s my name my nigga.” He grins at DJ and walks close, “You are actually cuter that I expected.” DJ rolls his eyes, “I’m not into that kind of stuff, do you have what I needed?”

Torres reaches into his pocket and pulls out two vials of blood and tosses them to DJ who in turn tosses him the money. Torres grins at DJ again and gets closer to him, he wraps his arms around DJ’s small frame and pulls him close, “Are you sure you don’t want to find out what I’m all about?”

DJ declines the offer and turns to head back into the hospital. He looks back and Torres is gone, his cigarette still lies on the ground, burning like a small ember. DJ enters the hospital and goes into the first bathroom he sees.

First he checks every stall to make sure he is alone, then locks the bathroom door and pops the top off of one of the vials of blood and chugs the contents down. He drops his pants and boxers down to his ankles and opens the neck vial of blood, pours some of it onto his dick and begins stroking his dick with great force and speed. He starts drinking the second vial of blood and begins jerking his dick harder and faster, moaning loudly and can feel his knees beginning to weaken and he is close to passing out, finally two streams of thick, warm and sticky cum, splash onto the floor and some gets inside his boxers.

After washing his hands, and cleaning his cum off of the bathroom floor, he heads back to work and acts like nothing ever happened.

Leon and X are sitting in the living room of Leon’s house, watching Tyler Perry’s: House of Payne. Leon sparks a blunt and passes it to X, X inhales the weed and passes it quickly back to Leon and begins to choke on the smoke.

“You are bitch made when it comes to smoking bud my nigga.” Leon laughs.

X gives him a “death-stare” and begins laughing along with him. He thinks back to the fantasy he had about Tyrent, “Hey…Leon…”

He looks at X and ashes the blunt, “What is it?”

X takes a deep breath, “What does it mean if you have someone…drink your blood in a dream?” X’s face shows how confused he is by his own question.

Leon touches X’s face, “It probably means nothing, don’t worry about it.” He kisses his friend lightly on the cheek, “You’re too cute to stress over dumb shit.”

X can’t help but feel Leon is keeping from him, but instead of questioning his friend he stands up and hugs Leon goodbye, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Leon gives X dap and flops onto his bed as X walks out.

Walking down the stairs and heading towards the front door X is stopped by a familiar voice, “Yo little nigga what’s up?” X feels his heart race as he turns around and sees Leon’s uncle Tyrent standing behind him, shirtless and wearing a pair of basketball shorts.

“Oh…hey…um…Mr. Tyrent.” Xavier finds himself stuttering. Tyrent smiles at him, licks his lips and then starts laughing. “Yo little nigga, just call me Tyrent.” Xavier simply responds with “okay…”

Tyrent gets closer to Xavier and pulls out a bag of weed, “Do you want to smoke a blunt with me?”  X finds himself unable to say no.

After a few seconds the two are sitting in Tyrent car, smoking a blunt together and listening to “Kiss” by Prince. X can’t keep his eyes off of Tyrent, he sees that Tyrent is glancing at him and he licks his lips. Xavier feels his body tingling while he watches Tyrent’s tongue coat his already juicy looking lips.

The weed…the smoke…Tyrent…those lips…Xavier finds himself leaning towards Tyrent…and…smooch…tongue…slurp…

The End

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