Sparking the First OneMature

Sparking the first One

Chapter One: Xavier

“So I just inhale the smoke?” says a light-brown skinned guy.

His friend looks at him and smirks, “Yeah my nigga, just try not to get the end of the blunt to wet.” He is two shades darker than his friend.

The light-skinned boy begins coughing from the smoke he inhaled and quickly passes the blunt back to his friend while coughing. His friend shows off how much of a pro he is at smoking weed.

“Leon I can’t believe that your dad supplies you with weed though.” The light-skinned boy said.

“Shit X, there is nothing like having a father that smokes kush.” Leon laughs.

X walks into Leon’s bathroom and stares at himself in the mirror, his eyes are red and he kind of looks sleepy, but he knows he isn’t. He turns around and Leon is standing in front of him, before X can say anything Leon’s lips are pressed against his and soon his tongue is wrapped around X’s as well. X’s body begins to overheat; he begins to unbuckle his belt. But Leon stops him, ends the kiss and smiles at X.

“I’m not trying to fuck you X, you’re too special for that.” Leon holds his friend’s hands, “I want to be your boyfriend, on the downlow of course.”

X looks at Leon with a confused look on his face, “Are you gay Leon?”

Leon turns around and walks out of the bathroom laughing, X follows after him and throws the question at him again. “You are very attractive X, but I’m not into you the way you deserve.”  Leon flops down onto his bed, sparks another blunt and begins stroking his dick. X stands in the bathroom doorway watching his friend stroke his meat.

“I’m going to head back to my place and cook something for dinner.” X says as he begins to walk out of Leon’s room.

“Remember what I said to you, you’re really special X.” he smiles as he begins to get close to a weed fueled climax.

X walks downstairs and heads for the front door of Leon’s house as he opens the door and walks outside, he bumps into a muscular dark-skinned man, wearing a beater that shows his muscles off and cargo pants. “I’m so sorry…” says X in a really low voice.

“Yo little nigga, you shouldn’t talk like that, makes you sound like a little bitch.” The man’s voice was filled with that sexy street thug slur and was deep as shit, X manages to look up at the man’s face admiring his full beard, a scar below his left eye and his eyes appeared to be silver, they were obviously contacts though.

X put on his deep voice which he worked on whenever he hung out with Leon and his crew, “Yo my bad…” X’s deep voice made the man smirk.

“So what’s your name little nigga?” he stands in front of X, grabs his manhood for a few seconds and then folds his arms. “It better not be a bitch ass name.”

This guy was starting to piss X off, he clenched his fist and made sure his voice was extra deep, “Yo my name is Xavier, but Leon and the rest of his crew called me X.”

Xavier expected the man in front of him to have another smartass remark to say about his name, but he felt relieved when he simply said, “Aight, I’m Leon’s uncle Tyrent, now I got to go talk to my brother, so watch out.” Tyrent walked past X and went inside the house, closing the door behind him.

X turns around and stares at the door for a few seconds, he revisions Tyrent’s muscular body in his head, and even his smartass comments turned X on, X started to imagine kissing Tyrent on the lips. But he snapped back to reality realizing that Tyrent was a grown ass man, was his bestfriend’s uncle and was obviously straight. X heads home and cooks himself a light meal.

Back inside of Leon’s house; Tyrent walks into DJ’s room and closes the door behind him, reaching into one of the pockets of his cargo pants, he pulls out two test-tubes filled with blood. DJ smiles and passes his brother off a couple hundred dollars and begins slowly sipping on the blood, moaning while it goes down his throat. Tyrent pulls out a blunt and sparks it, passing it to his brother who mixes drinking the blood with the weed smoke and begins to feel like is in heaven.

Tyrent starts thinking about X, there was something about that young boy that made Tyrent’s dick rock hard, maybe he was craving X’s blood and wanted to fuck him while feeding on him, but his fangs didn’t react around X. He couldn’t put together why he wasn’t in the mood to feast on X’s blood. He could sense what blood-type X was “O” he loved the taste of type O blooded people, so him not blood-lusting for X was very strange to him.

Meanwhile at X’s house; X lies in his bed smoking a blunt that he rolled up himself with some weed that he snatched from the medicine cabinet in Leon’s bathroom, he knew that Leon wouldn’t mind him taking a little bit of bud, he smokes the weed and begins jacking himself off, thinking about what Tyrent’s dick might look like, he imagines Tyrent being the guy to take his virginity, finally after thinking of Tyrent putting him into at least six different positions, he reaches the limit and squirts twice onto his chest and some of it goes into the little bit of chin hair that he has. A vision flashes into his head of Tyrent biting his neck and drawing blood, and he reaches a third orgasm, “Wha…what was that about.”  


The End

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