Title/Blood-Stained CashMature

A young pothead gets dragged into the world of Hood Vampires when he starts having a sexual relationship with a homo thug who turns out to be a Vampire. This story is filled with Love, Lust, Murder, Betrayal and Blood

Bitten: Blood-Stained Hood


Mattixz Curio















Blood Stained Cash


Moonlight shining through the window of an otherwise dark apartment; Sounds of passion coming from the other side of the room. A dark-skinned male has an Asian boy pinned against the wall, both men are naked and the Black guy is behind the Asian, kissing his neck with his manhood pressed against the Asian’s bubble-butt. The Asian boy is moaning something in Japanese: “Watashi o kamu!”  And the Black man takes a bite out of his neck; the moonlight hits his face, blood is seeping from his mouth, fang-like teeth embedded into the Asian’s skin.

The Asian boy turns around as soon as the Black guy stops draining his blood, and begins passionately kissing the Black guy, while he is then picked up and pinned up on the wall and the Black man begins pounding the Asian boy until eventually reaching his climax.

After the intense sex that the Asian boy had been craving for months, he leaves and gives the Black male a wad of money. “We’ll have to meet up again” is what he said while walking out of the apartment door.

The Black guy lies on his bed looking up at the moon through the window above the bed, there are drops of blood on his chest, he takes his finger and scoops up the blood drops and places them onto his tongue, moaning as the blood drips into his stomach. He looks at the wad of money in his hand, it is blood stained. Just like the neighborhood he lives in. His phone vibrates and he picks it up.

DJ: Yo my nigga, you got a couple CCs for me?

Tyrent: Yeah homie, I gotchu. Where you at?

DJ: Shit at my Mom’s crib, swing by now?

Tyrent: Aight be there in Fifthteen.

The End

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