Chapter Three - Jen

Ben hadn't been too keen on going back to the house, that day. But for some reason, I'll never know why, he wouldn't leave me to go alone. We had only known each other for just under an hour, yet he protected me as if I had forever been his little sister. For this I will always be in his debt. 

Frank seemed to be pleased when we both agreed to accompany him, and he ordered our blind folds to be removed. The two guards were softer this time, as if I was already one of them. When the blindfold was off, I turned round to see Ben rubbing his eyes. He really was quite beautiful. 

"The house is a few miles from here. I'm going to drive you both their now, where someone will look after you. I need to investigate the werewolf attack, so I won't be able to show you around." Frank said.

He looked just as I had imagined him. He wore a dark blue, pin-striped suit, that was too tight around his large waist. His hair was balding, and what was left of it, was a greying black. He wore tinted sunglasses and down the ridge of his nose, was a deep scar. He didn't look friendly, but he didn't look too threatening either. 

Like he said it would, it hadn't took long to get to the house. I can't really remember most of the journey, as I was crying for most of it. My parents had gone. Gone forever. I was ten years old and alone. And Jamie. My younger brother, who wanted to be a writer. He was only seven years old, and his life was over already. 

When the car stopped, I looked up and out the window. We was parked outside a huge factory building. It was surrounded by fields, and on a first glimpse it looked abandoned. 

But when I got out the car, I noticed little tell-tale signs of life. Like a light coming from one of the top windows, and a flower box on another. Listening closely, I hear some sort of rock music coming from one of the second floor windows.

Ben stood close to me, whether to support me, or me support him. He had looked terrified. 

We were ushered inside, through a side door to find ourselves in a large kitchen. The contrast of the inside to the outside was shocking, and I thought I had  travelled to a different building at first. 

It was amazing. Everything was shiny, and magnificent. There were three ovens on one side, with a massive breakfast bar in the middle  and two big fridges next to a sink. Everything was black marble, and silver metal. On the other side of the room was a huge dining table, which could have sat at least twenty people easily, if not more. Plates were set up, with beautiful candles in the centre. 

I looked at Ben and saw his mouth drop. It was like we had entered a rich man's mansion. We were told to sit at the dining table, while Frank found us a tour guide. Within minutes he was back with a young girl following suit. She looked about seventeen. Her short, blonde hair hung loosely above her shoulders and her cloudy eyes were hidden behind think layers of eye-liner and mascara. She wore tight black jeans, with big boots and around her neck lay a small silver chain with a skull attached to it. 

"Wow, new people." She said, smiling at us."Not had many of them recently." 

Then she must have noticed I had been crying because her face instantly change from happy and chirpy, to caring and concerned. She knelt down beside me and to my suprise hugged me. 

"You safe now, don't you worry." She whispered in my ear. And I believed her. I didn't know who she was, where I was or what was happening, but I believed her. She let go of me, and gave Ben a hug too. He looked just as shocked as I felt. 

"My names Fran. Francesca James, but yeah just call me Fran." She said, smiling again. 

"Well, introductions are lovely and all, but I really must be going. Fran, show them the place, introduce them to everyone." Frank said, walking away back towards the door. The guards were already outside, waiting for him. As he was about to leave, he turned round last minute to look at Fran.

"And another thing, Fran. Don't show them Room 1. Leave that to me, okay." 

Fran nodded, and he left. 

She turned round, back to us and looked us up and down. 

"Eleven, ten?" she asked me. I whispered ten to her, so quietly she asked me to repeat it. She then asked Ben his age.

"Sixteen. Today." He said. He sounded so...together. Like it was bothering him, where we were. Like he wasn't scared. Yet he hadn't let go of my hand since we had been dragged into the car.

"Names?" She then asked.

"I'm Ben and she's Jen. She's my sister." I glanced up at him when he lied, but quickly looked back towards her to try and not make it obvious that he wasn't telling the  truth. She didn't question it though. 

"Well, I know this is all probably strange for you, being here. But honestly, it's not too bad once you get to know everyone. Your safe here at least." She sat down beside us.

"First of all, I guess I best ask, do you have any questions?" she sat and stared at us. Seconds past, till Ben spoke up.

"Where are we here?" 

"North. I don't know the name, were kind of in the middle of nowhere, but yeah north." she replied. 

"Who are you?" Ben asked. 

"Fra-" she began.

"Yeah, we know your name, but who are you? Where you from? Why you here?" Ben interrupted. She looked angry all of a sudden- he had hit a nerve.

"Listen -Ben. Your knew here right. But learn this fast. Many people here, are trying to forget their past. If I were you, I wouldn't go round demanding information. Not if you don't plan on getting hurt. Got that?" 

He scowled but nodded his head. I was glad he had backed down. I want to argue with anyone, especially not her. 

"Jen, sweetie, do you have any questions?" She asked me, but her eyes were still glaring at Ben. 

"C-can I... go toilet please." I managed to stutter out. This seemed to amuse her, as she began to laugh. 

"Course, you can. It's just behind that door their." She said, pointing to a door opposite the one we had come in. When I had finished, and walked back into the kitchen, Ben was stood up with his fists clenched. 

"What's wrong?" I asked. Fran stood up smoothly, and looked towards me.

"Your brother, was just informing me that he wasn't planning on staying here. What do you think, Jen? Do you want to stay?" 

"She goes where  I go." Ben said, keeping his eyes firmly on Fran.

"Let her speak for herself, okay?" Fran spat back at him.

I didn't know what to say. I had nowhere to go, and this seemed the best place to be. But then again, I didn't want to upset Ben. So I did the only thing a ten year old would do if she was forced in that situation. I cried. 

Fran hurried over to me, quickly, trying to calm me down. Ben seemed to relax and he knelt down beside me. 

"Listen Jen, we'll stay the night, and decide tomorrow. Sound like a plan to you?" he asked me. 

I nodded my head, and he smiled.


The End

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