Chapter Two - Jen

When I woke up the first thing I noticed, was the sharp pain down my back. I felt so sore, and I couldn't move. Great. 

I opened my eyes, and I saw that I was in some sort of hospital. Memories of what happened flooded my mind, and I looked down at my arm. It was bandaged up. I tried to sit up further, but as I moved a searing pain ran down the length of my body. 

The last thing I remembered, was being crushed by the black beast, as it's body crushed me.I must have fainted after that. But how did I get here? And where were the beasts. I needed to take out their hearts, to make sure they couldn't come back.

I looked around the room, and noticed that I had a visitor who was fast asleep on my chair. When I saw who it was, I let my body relax for the first time. I knew now I was safe. 

His curly, red hair had fallen over his face, and he was snoring lightly. His small lips turned into a frown for a second, to then relax again. He was dreaming. I coughed loudly, and he jumped with a start. He always had been a light sleeper. 

"Jen, you've woke up." he said with a yawn. He stood up and moved his chair closer to me.

"How long have I been out?" I asked. I tried to move my toes, and let out a sigh of relief when they moved. I hadn't lost the sense of my legs.

"About a day. What happened?" He stared at me, and I noticed he was purposely not looking at my arm. 

"I found tracks of the Werewolves, so I followed them. They got scent of me, and I waited. They only sent three-" 

"It's a good job they did as well," he interrupted me. "Look at you. Your a mess." 

I laughed. Charming wasn't he.

"Thanks, your not too bad yourself." I sighed when I saw the look he gave me. "Look Ben, you know what this means to me. You know why I... " 

I looked up at the ceiling. It was hard thinking about my family. I quickly swiped a tear away. 

"I had to do this, okay. And I'm alive aren't I?" I looked at him. He looked rough like he hadn't had a proper sleep in a while. 

"Only just." he grumbled. 

I had met Ben, the day after my family had died. When I had stumbled out of the woods, where we had camped, I had come across a main road. With no where to go, and no other choices, I was forced to follow it. 

After an hour, or so, I had come across a small motorway cafe. Luckily I had a few coins on me, and I could go and get some food. I wasn't hungry. I wasn't in the mood to eat, but I needed to rest. I needed to stop and think. 

No one questioned me, or even wondered what a ten year old was doing there alone. I had heard an ambulance and police car zoom past outside, as I sat down at a table. I had no tears left to cry, and I just sat there staring ahead.

Ben had been on the table next to me, and when he saw the state I was in, he came to sit next to me. 

"Hey" he had said. He must have been around fifteen, and he looked like my saviour. I thought he was my guardian angel at first, and I had fell into him crying.  He had just put his arm round me, and stroked my hair soothingly. 

He had been my older brother ever since. 

"Jen. Jen!" I turned towards the present Ben. He was staring at me as if I was crazy. 

"Sorry, I was just thinking." I reached out for his hand, and he took mine in his. "Ben, who found me?" 

He looked towards the door, and then back at me. 

"It was Derek. When we had heard you had gone after them, he followed you. When he found you, you was unconscious with three dead wolves." 

"Did he pull out their hearts? I didn't have time." I asked him. He nodded his head.

"There in a box, at the house." A sigh of relief escaped from my mouth. At least it wasn't for nothing.

"Listen Jen, I don't know if you have noticed but... you were bitten." I knew it would come to this. "Frank doesn't know yet, but..." he didn't need to finish it off. 

When I had told Ben what had happened, when we were sat in that cafe, he had offered to take me back their to see if we could find my family. To see if any of them had survived. Looking back, he must of thought I was a lunatic. 

When we had got nearer, the road was full of police cars, and ambulances. Someone had found them, but before I could get any closer, arms had grabbed round me and my mouth, stopping my screams from escaping. When I had looked over, I saw that someone had Ben too. 

We had been blindfolded,and pushed into the back of the car. I had heard the car's front door open, and someone had climbed in. He smelt of cheap aftershave, and he was smoking a cigerette. I remember the conversation, like it was yesterday.

"My name is Frank." he had said. "You don't need to know my last name, so I won't tell it you. I know that both of you are probably scared, but I need you both to sit quietly now and listen to what I have got to say. After that I will ask you a question, and your answer will determine which path your lives take after today. 

"Today, you have come across one of the deadliest beasts alive on our planet. No one knows about them, apart from a select few, not even the prime minister. They are called Werewolves. 

"They will kill anything that gets in their way. They have no mercy, and they have no conscience. They don't care if your young or old. Get in their way and you die without the correct training.

"Girl, unluckily for you, you got in their way today. Your family are dead. There is nothing we can do about that know. The police think your dead too, so you have no where to go. Boy, I hear that she has told you what has happened. I know you have run away from a foster home, and you have no family.

"I have a home for people like you. People who have found out about the Werewolves, or have been orphaned by them. There they learn to fight back. They learn how to track them. And most importantly, there they learn how to kill them. 

"Now I will ask you the question. Will you join us, in our home? Will you fight back? Will you choose to avenge your family?" 

During his speech, I had subconsciously grabbed Ben's hand. I was ten, and I had no where to go. Frank's option had seemed the only choice, so I had accepted.

The present Ben squeezed my hand. 

"Jen, Franks not going to be happy." He glanced at the door again.

"Ben, where is he? Does he know I'm here?"  I looked up to the door, and I saw a figure stood on the other side.

The person was very wide with a round, balding head. He held a phone in one hand, and a cigar in the other. The door handle moved, and the figure stepped in.

"Hello, Jen. How are you feeling?" Frank said, smiling.


The End

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