Chapter One - Simmara

I was beginning to worry. Sola had been gone for five hours now even though she had been expected back after the first hour, along with Jasper and Thar. This was her first fight and I was scared something had gone wrong. 

The thing that worried me most though, was the fact that I couldn't feel her. Since we could remember, we had always felt the presence of each others minds in our own. Sometimes we had even managed to talk to each other through our thoughts.

This had come in useful on a number of occasions, especially when we were in trouble and had had to get our stories straight. Which seemed to happen quite a lot with us.

But now my mind was blank. It felt like a black hole, like a part of it was empty. I couldn't feel her usual thoughts brush over mine softly like I was used to. For the first time, I felt alone. 

Sola and I were seen as strange among our pack. Not because we were twins. Even though they were rare, it wasn't unheard of. It wasn't even the fact that we could feel the others thoughts. Many Werewolves had some sort of power, especially in our family seeing as our father was the Leader of the pack. 

No, what made us different, was our colour.

Normally,the colour of Werewolves fur was different shades of brown depending the time of year they were born and occasionally grey if they were born in the winter. Their eyes were always a golden yellow, along with their claws. 

But me and Sola were different. Her fur was a dark black, blacker than the night sky. This made her an obvious choice to fight, as she was perfect for staying in the shadows. Her eyes were bluer than the summer sky and her claws were ivory white. She was beautiful in my eyes but others shunned her as a freak. 

I was worse though. My fur was white. Whiter than the winters snow, with claws as black as my twin. We were the opposite but even though we differed, her colour made her useful. She could hunt, she could hide and most importantly she could fight. 

But I could do nothing. I was too easily spotted, so I couldn't be risked to help out. I was forced to stay at home. 

It wasn't fair. Sola hated hurting anything. She hated the thought of fighting the humans, or hunting animals. She was terrified of dying, even if it was for our pack. Yet her fur made her the perfect hunting tool. 

I yearned to be out there, proving I could fight for my pack if needed. I yearned to be the strongest female, to show that I wasn't just a freak. I was born for the hunt, yet my appearance hindered me. It wasn't fair.

I was forced to wait in my room, in being form, to wait for my sister. It was horrible knowing she was out there in danger and I couldn't do anything. Especially when I couldn't feel her. 

Just then my door opened and my brother, Don, walked in. He was older than us by 40 years and was still seen to be quite young in our pack. 

He came in, in being form. His chocolate brown hair fell to his waist, reaching the leather pants he wore. His feet were bare, as was his torso. When werewolves go into being form we resemble the humans, with the bald skin, smaller nose, and shorter ears. But Dons skin wasn't that bald. Short fur still covered the majority of his skin, and this made him wanted by many of the females. 

"Sim, contact Sola now. They should have been back by now" His voice showed a hint of panic. 

"I can't feel her Don. I don't know why, this has never happened before. But she's not there." I told him. 

A look flew across his face and I recognized it as fear before he could hide it from me. I knew what he was thinking. But I couldn't allow that thought to even enter my mind. 

"Are you sure? Sim, this is important. Have you tried everything?" he asked me. 

"Of course I have. She's not in my mind. Don, I'm scared, is she okay?" I felt tears at the ridge of my eyes. 

"I don't know, but this doesn't sound good. The guards haven't seen a human cross our boarders, so they think it's dead. But they should have been back by now." He walked to the only window  in my room and looked out. 

My room was very simple. A small bed was in the corner and the only other furniture in there was a small wooden cabinet for the small amounts of clothing I possessed. I didn't like to spend time in here. 

"Were going to have to go to Father and see what must be done. A group must be sent out soon to find them, otherwise..." Don bowed his head. 

"Does mother know she went yet?" I asked him. He nodded, turning round to face me. 

"She's not happy. You should have heard her, Sim. She's with Father now, he's trying to calm her. Come on, we best go." 

He took my hand and guided me out of my room. My Father spent his time in the training arena and there was a small hut nearby where he would have took my mother to talk in private. That was where we were heading. 

When we was out of our hut, he changed form and sprang forward. I followed suit and followed him. I loved being wolf. Running as fast as the wind, with it whipping my fur at every movement. The feel of the earth under my claws, as I dug in to boost my speed. I was born to be wolf. 

People turned their heads, as we passed. I didn't tend to go out at this time of the morning. It tired me seeing all the people stare. I knew the whispers. "there's the ghost", "look at her fur.", "what a freak".

Within minutes, we had crossed our small village and were crossing the arch that led into the arena. Don changed form first, but I lingered as a wolf. I felt so free, when I was in that form.

"Sim, hurry up. You won't fit into the hut like that." He stormed off into the direction of where the hut was hidden among the trees.

I changed form and followed him. I couldn't hide my difference's even in being form, as my long head fur was still pure white, with my bald skin so pale, it looked like I had never seen the sun before. 

The door was open when I reached the hut and I could hear voices inside. 

"Donatello, do you dare to insult me. You suggest that I have left my daughter missing, without sending out a scout? Why-" 

"Father I did not come here to offend you, I was merely questioning. Why was I not informed of this? Why was I not part of the scout team? Is it you, that is insulting me?" Don said, interrupting my Father. He sounded angry. 

"It was me who ordered not to send you," I heard my mother say. "I may have lost one child, I am not risking another." 

Her voice cracked, as she ended. I could tell she had been crying. 

"Come in child. Do not linger at the doorway, listening in." my Father ordered me. I had forgotten about his power. He could sense the presence of every living thing, for miles around him. I stepped inside.

"Simmara, is what Donatello saying true? Please tell me you can feel her." My mother begged me. Her eyes were puffy and red. I knelt down next to her and bowed me head. 

"Mother, I can not feel her. I am afraid." At last my tears had found my eyes and they began to pour. 

"Have you heard news from this scout team yet then?" I heard Don ask. My Father shook his head. 

"They are due back soon. Thar's and Jasper's families have been informed about the situation.There is nothing left to do but wait." 

And that's what we did. We waited. Don paced the room, while my Father sat in his chair. He did not move, to the point where people passing through may have mistook him to be not a Werewolf, but a statue. I think he was waiting for the presence of the scout team to reach his senses. 

My mother knelt by my side holding on to me, as we both wept silently. This was not right and we all knew it. 

After what felt like an age had passed, my Father stood up. 

"They are back." 

We did not need to ask who he meant. I was the first to leave, with my mother close after me. As soon as I was out, I changed form and ran as fast as I could to the village entrance. I could see the blur of my mother next to me, with her mousy brown fur. She was a magnificent sight. No wonder she had managed to capture the Leaders heart. 

I smelt it, before I saw it. Death was here. I stopped in my tracks, as did my mother. Don and my Father stormed ahead but I couldn't bring myself to. I could hear people shouting. I heard a cry but I could make no sense of it. Where was Sola?

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed my mother moving forward slowly. I couldn't bring myself to follow her. No. There was nothing to see there. Sola was okay. She was fine. I heard my mother howl. No. 

I stepped forward. My mother howled again. No, this isn't right. I could feel my heart pounding as if someone was squeezing it in a tight grip. Where was Sola? Why was my mother howling? I walked forward slowly. 

That's when I saw her. My beautiful sister. She was lay on the floor and everyone was crowding her. She looked so peaceful as if she was sleeping. She was sleeping. Yes she was sleeping, that's why I couldn't feel her. I repeated this over and over, as I got closer. Then I saw the knife. 

My howls filled the night.


The End

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