The forest was silent. I had kind of expected that I guess, but it still sent shivers down my spine knowing I was alone. With them.

The trees were so tall here. All the light was blocked out - not that there was much in the first place with it being so late. But I wasn't afraid of the dark. I had learnt that there were much scarier things out there to be afraid of. 

When I was ten, they had come for us in the night. We was out camping - me, my parents, my younger brother - and we were unprepared for it. We hadn't even known about them at the time. My brother had died instantly with a wound at the neck. My dad died next trying to protect me. I had ran. I had ran so fast till I couldn't have ran any more and I never saw my family again.

Just then I heard a noise come from the distance. They were coming. I pulled out my knife preparing myself for them. 

I heard a howl, nearer this time. Large shapes appeared ahead of me. From the looks of it, there were only three; they had underestimated me. This was going to be easy.

It was nearly time but I was ready though. I had had my training and I knew what to do. This time no human was going to die.

This time it was their turn.



There was another in the forest. Things were getting bad because it was the second one this week. If things carried on, we would need to move again.

I ran through the forest as fast as I could. I hated running and I found it hard to keep up with the others. Another thing that set me apart from them. 

The thought of what was going to happen when we reached it revolted me. We dont wan't to hurt them, to kill them, but when they fight back we have no choice. It's them or us.

I could hear it breathing heavily already. We were nearly there. I could smell it so bad now. It was enough to make me sick. Thoughts of my twin sister flooded my mind.

We were sitting in our favourite clearing. She was describing the smell of the beings and we were laughing.

"Worse than rotten flesh" She said. I laughed aloud, agreeing. She lent closer and whispered into my ear.

"Worse than Old Oakleys breathe" she whispered.

I smiled, remembering how we had fell about uncontrollably at that. Then I caught the scent again and it brushed the smile from my face. It was even worse than Old Oakley.

Just then we broke into the clearing. It was dark I noticed. This was an advantage for us as our eyesight was better.

 Thats when I saw it.



They charged into the clearing and stood staring at me.

Two of them were covered in dirty brown fur. They stood around eight foot tall with their faces pulled into a snarl. Their yellowing teeth were bared threateningly and their eyes shone with nothing but death.

They looked similar to the two that had shown up at our camp site when I was ten. It made this fight all the more sweeter.

The third was different. It's fur was jet black and It's eyes were blue. This one was smaller as well, only around six foot. Although it was snarling like the others, the only thing I saw in it's eyes was fear. But I had no sympathy for fear.

The tallest jumped to me and I ducked before we collided. He turned round to see where I had gone and before it had time to react, I shoved the knife into it's heart. I heard a howl come from one of the other two as it fell to the ground. I had no time to make sure I had killed it properly as it's look-a-like charged at me. It tried to snap at my neck and I went to dodge it. Unfortunately I was too slow and it's teeth bit into my arm.

I yelled, as the pain flooded through my body. It was going to pay for that. I grabbed my knife and threw it as hard as I could. At the same time, the beast had jumped towards me. The knife caught it halfway and landed in between it's eyes into its head.

It was just me and the black-furred one now. 



The first thing I noticed, was that it was female. The second was the knife. She held it towards us, daring us to come closer with her eyes.

Her raven-black fur on her head was tied up and she wore simple, black clothes. Her bald face was pulled in a look full of hatred.

Jasper jumped forward first, as was planned. I hoped she would run and then we would not need to fight. But she didn't run and she pushed the knife into Jasper as he charged. I howled, as he fell to the ground. Fear rushed through me. How could I fight this beast?

Thar stalked forward and I knew I should too, to cover his back. But I stood still, frozen, forced to watch the scene unravel infront of me.

He lunged for her neck - a weak point we had learnt - but she ducked just in time. I saw blood on Thar's teeth though and noticed he had catched her arm. She had been weakened. Thar charged forward again. Surely he could finish her off now she was weaker.

But she threw the knife and it met him halfway. He fell to the ground dead and I was alone.

I felt like running, but if I ran, she would follow. I had to kill her, for my pack, for my family, for my sister.

This time she made the first move and I snarled. She pulled her weapon out of Thar and tried to lunge at me with it. I jumped to the side and went to claw at her back. She was too slow and I felt her skin come away under my claws. She sent a scream into the air that made my fur stand on end.

I trapped her under me. I knew what I had to do, but I didn't want to do it. It would make me a murderer. How could I possibly end her life? How could I be the cause of her death?

I stalled and she took her chance. I felt the knife before I saw it. The pain was unbearable and then I was numb. My vision blurred and it became hard to breathe.

My last thought before  I entered the void, was long live the Werewolves.

The End

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