Stuck between to paths...



by Snow

The silence of hate,

the pulse of love,

the heat of rage,

the cold of revenge,

that’s as love goes

sends you screaming away,

praying to be new again,

praying to start over,

you wasted a perfect rose,

a perfect flower,

as love goes,

and so it goes


Have you ever felt stuck between two paths...not certain which one to chose? Well, I am having this moment. You see I met this great girl Claire...she is the “popular one” and I also met Winter...the “mysterious one.” They are both my type...but which one should I chose. Claire is now talking to me and wants me to hang out with her today. Winter also wants me to hang with her today.

WAIT!! Maybe I can divert this. My mom's “home” is having visitations tomorrow, maybe i can go and not have to chose. Yes...


“Well, you came to see me.” Yells a familiar voice that I didn't want to hear again...mother.

Turning around I am prepared to see my mom in a bad state of mind...a crazy state of mind, but no she looks happier than before. I instantly regret visiting when I feel her hug and feel her tears of fakeness trickling down her cheek and on my neck.


“Hi sweety,” she smiles, wiping her eyes she turns to the chef, “see George I told you my baby was going to come and see me.”

“Yup, you sure did.” He laughs. George must be 37 at least if not younger and has a mustache and was bald. Which I guess is my moms type. She had 10 “rocker” boyfriends, 3 “druggies”, and 2 “normal” boyfriends. I never understood why the normal guys dated my mom, I mean come one, she is far past normal.

I look to the side and see a girl, probably 34 looking at my mom smiling. I look at my mom who smiles at her than looks to me.

“What?” I ask her.

“Well, there is someone I want you to meet.”

Nodding I follow my mom to the lady. Her red hair clashing against her pale skin sends me drooling for a bit...expectantly her blue eyes and skinny body.

“Autum this is Noel...Noel this is my daughter.”

Noel extends her hand towards me, “Hi, your mom can't stop talking about you.”


“Ya, sometimes before we go to bed...she prays for you.”

This strikes me as odd, because why would she pray for me?

Laughing, I turn towards my mom, “You pray for ME?!”

“Wow, this place really must have messed with your head. You see,” I smile taking a step towards Noel, “my mom tried to commit suicide. Who found her?”
I stop and turn towards my mom, “Who?”

“Ya,” turning back towards Noel who's faced turned to amazement to astonishment, “but before she had her “breakdown” she was a ghost and had me do her dirty work. SO when you say “she prays for you” I can't help but laugh because I should be praying for her.”
Noel looks up at my mom who is disgusted with me, “Your right, she does have a mouth on her.”

“Ya,” I smirk and walk away from both of them, “i wonder who I got that from?”

Getting home was a trip, because in our mail box was a letter from Winter and I got a new email from Claire.

Winters note:

Dear Autum,

Blood rushes through me when I think about our kiss. The taste of you and the feel of your hips is more than I can bare. I am madly in love with you. But, I know you like told me. That's why I am willing to be what you want...even a friends. But I just want you to know, I feel the same way you feel for me. Please, talk to me. I will be waiting on the bridge for you 6:09 P.M.



Claire's email:


Wow, so are you like mad at me or something? What did I do? Yes, I MAY have given you the cold shoulder for nothing, but I was hurt. You seem different than others and I felt like you wanted a make-out session than leave. I know replay the situation and if I were in your shoes I would have gone home too. That is why after school Tuesday I want you to come over to my house...please?




Now back to my question, have you ever felt like your stuck between two paths and don’t know what one to take?

Well I am there. What to do? I could always just go to Claire's or I could always go and hang with Winter....or do both?

Since I can still talk to Winter tomorrow and than on Tuesday, which is three days away, I can hang with Claire.

Brilliant I think, but as I plan out what to a do a bad feeling takes over my body and I it right what I am doing?


The End

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