Drawing bloodMature


The night air had a moist  and daunting feeling about, a perfect night for Daemons to reveal themselves, and a perfect opportunity to stain the streets of this city with their blood.  I jumped across a gap in the building, and landed with little sound.   Across the street I see a supermarket and tonights first victim. I jump off the building drawing my blade. The Daemon drops the boy to the ground, he made little sound, but you could see the expression on his face that he was in pain.  The Daemon looks into my red eyes, and shreiks a horrible death scream. Usaully anyone within the 10 meters of the proximity of death scream would obviously die, but yeah the reason is pretty obviouse why I diddn't just die.

I bring the blade across the Daemon chest, dark blood spattered onto the ground. The deamon leaps back, and loses its human form revealing  a disgusting 6 limbed creature with one eye, and dark bat like wings that stood about ten feet tall. This wasn't the Daemon Iwas looking for, but it was one of its personal guards.

"Your not that scary." I say allowing flames to build around us setting a sort arena, My voice deepened as a used the Daemon's power, " Kneel before my wrath."  The Daemon opened its mouth in protest but it was too late for it as I jumped the flames wrapped themselves around the blade, and I chopped down cutting it in half, and turning into a pile of ashes.  That was too easy.

Upon sheathing my  sword, I look down at the boy who was bleeding, he looked pretty pathetic to me. He was losing conciousness, I had to get him back to my temporary  housing.

The End

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