Pan Stolks

I sat shirtless in an abandoned room, my body scarred, and red in places, but most prominent was a large bite mark just on my shoulder blade. It was not a bite mark of any earthly animal. It was the bite of a Daemon, I didn't want the bite. But when I figured out that it gave me the power to get my revenge upon the Daemon who brought me to this planet, and killed my family. But it made the fatal mistake to spare my life, believing I would die shortly anyways.  Now it was going to pay!

I stand up opening my eyes revealing red eyes. I was not from this earth, but I was  human from another dimension, except much lighter, and more robust I didn't get hurt as easily. I put on a vest with armour and a sheath. I reach into the darkness bring out a black sword about 4 inches from edge to edge, and three feet long, built much like a katana. I slide it into its sheath, and put on a dark trench coat all torn up and red line  under it.  I then take off into the darkness which opens up into an balcony leading the streets. I jump with amazing ease over a railing, and silently onto the ground.

The hunt is on again, Daemon shall fear my blade, and their blood shall be shed for the sorrow the brought down on humanity.

The End

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