Bite of the DaemonMature

When a human gets bit by a Demon, but survives, he gains some of their powers. When a human named Zerk gets bitten by a demon, he realizes his true potential



I walked down the street, furious at myself for not standing up to those ass holes. Their voices ringing in my head, their insults still clear in my mind. I was tired of them, but the only way i could stop them, i had to grow stronger, and i guess the only way i could do that is to bulk up and stop taking their shit.

But i guess that's just part of my life story. Named Zerk after some alien in a movie my dad saw when he was only 12. Guess he wanted me to be an outcast from day one. When i was younger i used to play with my model spaceships imagining i was some cool alien leader sent to destroy the earth. Hell i even used to wear a cape. Even when i went to school. That must have fucked me over when i was younger, because since then i was at the lowest on the popularity chain. Even the rejects in the corner didn't want to hang with me.

And the bullies, they pestered, pushed, insulted, on some occasions i even got swirlys But not after tonight..or... after weeks of work out sessions!

Tonight i got 50 bucks from my mom and i was walking to the gym to sign up for the monthly sessions. She thought i was doing it for that girl in my history class...How the hell does my mom know what girls i have crushes on anyways? Its creepy how she does that...

I was walking past the local supermarket, when i noticed something in the alleyway, or someone. It looked like a beautiful girl wearing a long flowing blue dress.

She called to me, “Come Here Big Boy” She said smiling.

Oh great, she was probably a prostitute, but me being the stupid boy i am walked over. God dammit hormones, why don't they let me use my brain instead of my penis.

“Hey babe..” i said nervously

“ know I'm having such a lonely night...i could use a nice man like you to keep me company” she said winking at me, putting her hand on my shoulder making us come a little closer together.

“I..I guess I'm your man” I stammered

“Excellent” she grins then moves in and start kissing my neck.

Mm...that felt good. Her warm lips against my neck, her mouth opening then closing...then opening and...wait a minute..Whats that sharp feeling against my neck. Shes tearing! Shes too close! Shes....biting me! 

The End

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