Chapter 3 Part 1 (End of work... for now.)

Daren had just gotten in to his car. He had to go to work. He had to pull a double shift, working all night tonight. After fastening his seatbelt, as he always did out of habit, he watched Anna drive away, waving at her as she passed. There wasn't a doubt in his mind, he loved her. He sat back in his seat for moment and sighed, just thinking of her. He couldn't explain what they had, but he knew he wanted nothing else. As long as Annabeth was his girl, he was happy.

        He's drive was going to be long enough, he had to get on the road. He would later remember this night vividly. This was night that started all of it.

       He started the car. Turning the radio up, he started on his hour long trek to the small store he worked at. It was a little ways off but the pay was good and he normally had good hours. He didn't like the highway, too many speeding people. So he took the back roads. He knew these roads so well, he could tell a passenger every hole and bump in the road before they came to it.

       His windows rolled down, he pumped up his radio even more, and finally relaxed. He thought of everything. How much he loved Annabeth, how long the night was going to be tonight, how much he wanted to just relax wanted to go home and enjoy his left-over Chinese takeout from the other night. Half an hour passed by like this. He thought best when he drove. He barely noticed it get dark. He was now in the deep back roads. The road grew windy. He passed the oak tree that he thought looked like it had been struck by lightening one too many times. 

The End

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