Chapter 2 Part 2

It was fate that they had met really. He wanted to get his education still, but he needed a job. So he searched for the best school that was closest. He found Calvin High at the top of the list. So, still during his summer break from his last school, he called up the principal. Daren asked him if it were at all possible he could attend this school for his remaining high school career. The principal, understanding Daren's case, assured him that it was possible, all Daren needed to do was get his previous school to send a copy of his transcript to the principal. The principal would, then, fill out the proper forms and all Daren would need to do is sign them.

       Annabeth, on the other hand, had gone to Calvin ever since she had entered high school. She wasn't popular, but she had friends. She was a “band geek.” She played flute, but didn't fit any particular stereotype. She was smart, thin, quite but funny. She had a style all her own. One day she would wear pink sweaters and jeans, the next day, she would wear plaid skirts with studded belts, chains, and combat boots. Though, Daren always loved to see her in just jeans and a tee-shirt. She wasn't large breasted, but she wasn't flat. She didn't have many outstanding features, but when you looked at her, you couldn't help but notice her beauty. She was a simple girl. She loved nature and was the kind to bust out laughing about something that happened days ago.

             They had met in open house. She, being a klutz, didn't know where she was going and ran into him. Her face went smack into his shoulder. She scrambled, picking up the papers she had been holding, when he  tried to help. He bent down and gently grabbed her hand, looking her in the eyes, hers were slightly hidden behind strands of hair that hand fallen out from behind her ear, and said in a gentle but very strong voice, “Let me Miss.” Annabeth's only reaction was to stutter okay and blush vividly. From that moment on, she had been taken with him. Daren had been taken with her too. When he saw her blush he couldn't help but say, “You should really watch where you're going. I would hate for a lovely woman such as yourself to be hurt because of some silly accident.” He handed her papers back to her as she blushed redder than ever. He had started to walk away, still facing her, when he added, “By the way, you're very cute when you blush. I hope we get a class together.” Anna had stood there bewildered for a few seconds before she called after him over the noise of the crowd, “What's your name?”

“Daren. Your's?”


He smiled. His smile alone made her blush again.

“See ya soon Annabeth.” From then on, they were, well, smitten. 

The End

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