Chapter 2 Part 1

On an early fall night. Daren and Annabeth were sitting in park, having a picnic dinner. It was that special time between sunset and night. The sky was a pink violet and there was a cold chill in the air.

       Annabeth was very tan and had a few freckles on her cheeks. Her brown eyes were very dark and doe-like, her hair, blowing slightly in the wind, was a bit frizzy and it was very dark from being out in the sun so much in the summer. Daren was tan himself. He was average height for a guy at  5'8”. But he was very handsome. Golden green eyes that seemed to stare straight through you soul into your very thoughts accented his defined face. With a strong chin and cheek bones, his face alone would have made you look twice if he even raised his eyebrow. He was unbelievable fast and strong. His arms were, no doubt, strong, seeing as he did 100 push-ups every morning and night, though even that was getting too easy for him. He was the kind of guy who would joke with you one moment, but say the wrong thing, and he would knock you down so fast, your head would spin. Mild tempered unless you insulted his Anna, as he so often called her, he was normally the first one to pull a prank or burst out with some random joke.

       Both were seniors at Calvin High school in a speck of a town in South Carolina called Riversdale. Neither one lived with parents. Annabeth's had been killed, and nobody knew what happened to Daren's. Anna had been raised in a foster family, until she was 16. Then, though she loved her adopted family, she applied for emancipation. They understood she wanted to give another foster child a chance for a family. Also, she didn't know why but she had been itching to start her own life. So, grated her emancipation, she left her family and got a small apartment, partly paid by her family who wouldn't let her refuse the help. Daren had bounced from foster home to foster home, finally he just applied for emancipation to stop his constant switching of friends, families, and places. Grated his emancipation as well, he searched for any reasonable person searching for a roommate. The boy he found was just like him. Mitchel Gaines. He had gotten a small apartment, but his job was paying enough to give him money to pay half of the bills, and so he needed a roommate, Daren.

The End

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