Chapter 1 End

Daren didn't respond right away, then, as if he had to work the nerve and was afraid he would lose it, he blurted out, “Are you...I mean to ask were you....Is there another man?”

At this she had to giggle. Not a condescending giggle but one of pure humor. She squeezed his hand tightly and looked deep into his green eyes with her brown eyes, smiled happily and said with the utmost sincerity, “Just the one I'm staring at. I thought you understood, when I said I loved you forever, I meant forever.” Her voice faded for a moment. Then she spoke softly and in a  most sorrowful way, “You know, even when you were 'dead' I was still faithful to you...And even if I did think of moving on, which was very rare, I would catch myself comparing them to you.... That really didn't help me at all... But I'm so glad that I did that, because you're alive! God, you're alive! Baby, I've missed you, I have so much to tell you.” She paused and thought. “You never told me what know after the wreck.... Would you mind telling me? Please?”

Daren drew a deep breath and exhaled. She was his again and his alone. But now it was time to tell her. Could he go through with it, parts of his past year and nearly killed him. Could he tell her about it? Inside he knew the answer was yes. He couldn't just do it. He had to tell her. She had every right to know why he hadn't told her his was alive. She had every right to know why she had been morning him even though he hadn't really been dead...

But it was a long story...

Would she hear it all?

“Its a very long story. Do you want to rest first?”

“Daren. You are ALIVE. Sleep can wait for tonight. Besides right now all I want is to keep talking with you. Please darling, tell me what kept you away from me for so long?”

He breathed deep and sighed with a mixture of relieve and preparing himself for the very long and twisted tale he was about to tell.

Then he began.

“Well like I said, it started a year ago....”

The End

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