Chapter 1 Part 3

Daren was messing with his keys, Anna guessed it was to stall so he could think of how to say something. Even before his...disappearance, he had always done this. Even when he had first asked her out, she had notice him playing with his keys while he nervously asked her to a movie. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore.

“Daren, baby, please, I'm going insane right now, just explain to me what's going on?”

He sat silent, looking slightly sad, but still happy to see his love once again... then he began....


“It began last year, as you could have guessed...It was around the time of the accident. You know, the one that 'claimed' my life. Well, it certainly changed it that's for sure......”

“Baby, please....what changed it? Was it-?”

Before Anna could finish he said “ It wasn't anything to do with you or our friends or family... it had to do with his friends...They were.... different.”

 Annabeth sat there, puzzled and sure she was awake. Taking his hand for the first time in what seemed like ages to her, she gently persuaded him to continue.

“Well, you see, I was in the accident, but other than that, everything you know is wrong. And I'm sorry I couldn't call or show you I was fine. But you see, I had been launched into an entirely different world. And I couldn't risk your life...not again...” His voice faded away and his gaze dropped down to the steering wheel. Anna gently squeezed his hand, and then, she did something she had dreamed of for nights upon end for the last year. She lifted his chin, so his eyes met hers. He stared at her with a mix of apologetic and sorrowful love. Then she leaned close and kissed his cheek. His skin was warm and soft just like she had remembered. As she pulled back to sit back and listen to his story, he just held her firmly, and kissed her lips softly. Anna had tears swelling in her eyes. It had been so long since she had seen him, held his hand, kissed him. She was so happy.

       Daren gently let go of her, and she sat back. Annabeth's eyes gently gazing at his hand, which she still held. It was so quite and still, every breath that the reunited couple took could be heard. But it wasn't awkward for Annabeth; however, it was for Daren. He couldn't look at her. Something was on his mind. He had started to fidget his fingers in Annabeth's hand. Finally, she couldn't take it. She had to ask.

“Darling, what's wrong?”

The End

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