Chapter 1 Part 2

 They rushed to each other, meeting half-way. With her arms flung around his neck, Annabeth let go of all the tears she had refused to shed for over a year.

“Shhh, its okay baby, I'm here. I'm alive”

“But how?” she cried as she sobbed into his chest.

“That's what I have to explain to you... God, you must be freezing. Why didn't you dress?”

“I...I couldn't....I just kept thinking it was a dream. I sat there trying to make sure this was real...before I knew it, it was almost time to meet you.”

“Come on darling. Let's find some shelter so you don't get hypothermia.”


He took his cloak off and flung it around her. He was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt, which showed off his large, well toned arms. Daren then, as he used to before, he picked her up and carried her. She snuggled as close as she could to him. He knew she was listening to his heart. He also knew, no matter how much she tried to hide it, she was deathly cold. Even though she stifled it as much as she could, she was shivering badly...

       He walked for what seemed like eternity to her. Finally he stopped at black 1977 Corvette. He opened the passenger door, careful as not to drop or hurt Annabeth, and set her gently in the seat. She, who had fallen asleep on the walk, looked up curiously.

“Why am I here, won't you get in trouble? Whose car is this?”

“Settle down Anna, its mine. You'll understand when I explain.” Anna. He always called her this. The only time he ever called her by her whole name was when he needed her to calm down. The leather seats were cold on her skin, and she shuttered while Daren entered and started the car. But soon the heat was coming to her, and she slowly stopped shivering. When she did stop, she notice this car was nice... really nice... nicer than a “dead man” is supposed to have... and why exactly wasn't he dead anyway? This and several other disturbing questions were circling her head. Like where had he been for a year? Why hadn't he called her to say he was alive... Who had been buried in his place.... Was there any way this could still be a dream...

The End

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