Chapter 1 Part 1

The breeze swept his medium length brown hair . Even though the front of his hair just barely touch his eyebrows, when styled as was his custom, it was now in his eyes. His cloak making only the slightest swishing sound as he passed through the leave covered street onto the groomed grass. The sky was pitch black,except for a full moon, and not a soul was awake. He passed the children's jungle gym and stopped by the swings when he saw something. A figure moved only the slightest, but his extreme senses caught everything...almost everything. He sniffed the air. The smell was so familiar...So sweet, so soft....

He knew it. He stepped forward. 

“Come on out darling. It's safe.”

       Under a lamppost about 10 feet away from him, a girl stepped out into the light. She was short, 5'2”, with dark brunette, wavy hair that came down just below her shoulder blades. Her face, slightly tan but fading from the lack of sun time, was bewildered but blissful. She had dark brown eyes, that had a hint of green in the right light, a small nose that, if she turned just right, gave her the appearance of a mouse, but most of all, Daren had noticed her mouth. With a perfect lips, and a smile on her face, he found her to be the most beautiful woman in the world at that moment. She was in short shorts, a tank top, and  big unzipped jacket to offer some warmth. Daren watched as she gracefully stepped.

Her glance going from the ground, on which she stood bare foot, to him....And when her eyes meet his....She was going to cry, he saw the tears form.

The End

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