This is a story my girlfriend wrote on a whim. There was no revision done, and unless she gets free time and energy (which is hard for a medical student) there will be none anytime soon. Tell me what you think, because I think she should write more.

It was her 18th  year, late in fall. The night was cold and the wind blew the trees outside her window like their thick trunks were toothpicks. Her laptop, on the desk by her window, was open and blank. She couldn't think of anything to write.... Her room was small, but comfortable. The window was open.... It's was 1 am. She was curled up in her bed, fast asleep, dreaming of a  love.

       Then it happened. The phone rang. She, groggy, answered.... She couldn't believe it.... This couldn't be happening to her.... This kind of thing only happened in books, it wasn't supposed to be real.... But....then how could he be calling.... how could he breath, much less talk.... but his voice was speaking fast over the phone.

He said it was important, he didn't have much time. He needed to meet her... Could she meet him in 30 minutes at the public park? Finally, she had to answer. “Yes. But how are you....?” “No time Annabeth, I'll explain when I see you. You must be there, otherwise, we cannot see each other for a very long time. Please, just meet me.”

“Daren, I promise...but...”

“Annabeth! I have to go, please my love. Meet me.”

“I will, I swear. I love you”

“I love you too baby.”

“I'll see you soon”

“Yes you will.”

And with that he hung up. And she, in her sleep clothes, was left, bewildered and so excited....but...

It was almost too good to be true...


The End

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