Chapt. 6


"Within Sight". What a lame name for an eye doctor.  I ran in and talked to the lady at the front desk.

"Do you have an appointment?". Pfff. Snoody.

"No". I said repeating her tone of voice.  She was about to say something but stopped, her mouth wide open.


"You have the most beautiful voice." I was starting to think this lady was a little nutso.

"Um, thanks.  I'm looking for colored contacts. Non-perscription.  Icy blue-ish color.  I don't really want to see the optomiterist.  So..."

Her mouth was still open.  What the heck is wrong with everybody today?

"Huh? Oh yeah sure, If you don't want to see the doctor, which you won't be able to today, becase he is full, you'll have answer some questions to figure out what brand you will need."  She shuffled some papers and handed me a clipboard.

I walked away, and I'm pretty sure she was still staring at me.  Ugh, wierdo.  I looked around the room, huh, only one teenager in here, me.

The little bell on the door chimed and there was that smell again.  My head turned toward the scent in a millisecond and I stared at that wonderful boy with what looked like his little sister. Oh my goooood.  I reminded myself to breathe through my mouth, not my nose.

Dylan patted his sister on the back, turned his head, saw me, and flashed a really cute grin.  I tried but failed to give him one too.  He spoke to the lady at the desk then came to sit next to me.

"Hey", his smile still on his face.

I put my flirty face on, " you haven't called me".

His face turned red, " I was actually kind of afraid too, I figured you forgot about me."

"Oh, well I'm kind of lonely today, do you want to hangout?" Where is this coming from? I never talked like this.

"Of course! Yes! Of course! I know  a place we can go! It's call Mary's Diner.  It's really good food and it's hardly busy." Oh wow.

"Okay, I guess I'll go in your car.  I have to finish this form thingie though so, I guess you have to do something here too."

"I just have to drop my sister off, I'll call my mom and tell her to pick her up."

"Okay!"  I was actually exited too.  I've been on like, one date before, in 7th grade.

The End

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