Chapt. 5

Ch. 5

Sunday morning and I had a giant headache....again.  It's not as bad as the first one but it hurt. ALOT.  This time it wasn't coming from my wrist, it felt like it was coming from my eyes.

I pulled a hand mirror from my dresser and put it by my face.  My eyebrows were scrunched together tightly in a long line across my forehead. 

My eyes are usually a chrystal blue.  Icy looking.  Now, they were dark red.  The color slowly changed into bright purple.  My features looked very confused.  How the heck did my eyes change color? 

I figured it was just the light so I went to my bathroom mirror for better lighting.  I was getting pretty mad.  Now, my eyes turned to a dark green.  I had no idea what was going on.

My eyes turned purple again, then slowly back to green.  A sharp pain in one of them seemed to make my eyes turn red.  Did my eyes change color with my emotions?

I couldn't show my parents this, they would freak.  The coversation would probably be something like this,

"Honey, how come your eyes are so dark, did you get contacts?''

"No, why would my eyes be dark?"

"Are you hiding something from me?"

"NO!  I AM NOT HIDING ANYTHING FROM YOU!" Remember those anger management problems.

"Grounded, no car, no TV, no phone.  1 month"

That wouldn't be to fun.  I'd have to find a way for them not to find out.  I could use colored contacts, but that would be such a pain, but I had no more ideas except stay away from them, and I live with them.  Colored contacts would have to do.

Where to get them? 

Online, I decided.  I grabbed my dad's laptop from his desk in the office, making sure no one saw me, they were all playing scrabble in the living room.

I googled colored contacts and found a place I could get them near my house.  I ran out the door without saying a single thing.

The End

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