Chapter 4

Ch. 4

I decided I would hold my breath, it would stop the alluring smell.  I found the urge to say sorry to the guy.

"I'm really sorry, I've had a bad day and it's not even 7." I said stupidly. Darn it.

He fell for it. "That's fine, hey can I uh call, you call me or somethin?"

I pulled a pen out of his vest and wrote my number on his hand.  That was totally unlike me.  I have never been the flirty type.

The guy looked like he was about to faint.  Then I realized I didn't want to be calling him the guy when he called me, if this wasn't some big joke.  The dude was pretty cute.

"Um, I'm Alex." I stood there waiting for him to tell me his name.

He just stared at me, I was surprised he wasn't drooling yet.

Finally he spoke, "Oh, um"  he sounded extremely embarassed, "Sorry, it's Dylan, my name I mean, yeah, uh my name is Dylan."

Putting on a flirty expression I looked at him and said, " Oh, Dylan, cute name." Then I walk slowly away.  I was having way too much fun.

This time I think he was actually drooling.  I laughed as I bought my stupid crayons.

The End

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