Chapt 3

After my long, hot shower and a lot of thinking, I decided I would go out.

I brushed through my wet hair, slipped on my favorite jeans and a t-shirt, and grapped my sock full of money from under my bed.  My beat up converse were waiting for me at the door.  I left my mom a note telling her I was left, I wasn't kidnapped.  Yeah.  I've got a crazy, overprotective mom.

I decided to drive down the highway and stoped at the first thing I saw.

Walmart.  Wow.  Interesting, huh?

There was hardly anyone there.  Considering it was 6 in the morning, that made sense.

I had 300 bucks and no idea what I was gonna spend it on. 

I grabbed a shopping cart and headed to the stationary section.

There, I grabbed the 74 piece crayon set and threw it in my buggie.  Then to  coloring books.  I picked out 5 of the least childish ones and threw those in there too.

A brunette with a "Bieber" haircut  and a baby face walked up to me.  " Do you need any help?" He said in an extremely friendly tone,  a little to friendly.

I new I was attractive, my mom was beautiful, I got it from her, my dad looked like and underwear model, but I was never really flirted with.  People think I'm wierd.  I've never fit in.

"No, I'm fine."

"You sure."

"YES!" I've got a little anger management problems.

He flipped his hair ( the Bieber way) and I smelt something,  something I couldn't describe.  Chocolate, roses, lavender, something I couldn't explain.  It made me hungry, in an odd sort of way.  I wanted him.

A sad expression rose on the guys face. I guess he felt rejected.

I noticed his expression but I couldn't find my voice to tell him sorry.  All I could do was smell him.  I wanted to get to know this guy, but first, I wanted to eat.  I have no idea what, but whatever was giving that smell.

I turned my eyes to him and they traveled down his face to his neck, I could almost hear his heartbeat.  What is happening to me?

The End

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