Chapter 2

Ch. 2

I creeped down the stairs to my living room and swung my head around the corner.

There, in the middle of my living room, was my clumsy 6 year old sister, Claire, standing there with a blank expression on her face.  Great.  Sleepwalking again.

Behind her, apicure frame had fallen off the wll and knocked a lamp over.  The floor was covered with shattered glass.

I reached for Claire's shoulders to push her toward he room.

As my fingers touched the soft fabric of her flannel night gown, pictures started flashing in my head.

Clips of Claire's favorite TV shows, pictures of her friends, our family, me, took over my vision.

Freaked out, I jumped and snapped my hands away.

Claire's eyes flashed open. "Alex, was I sleep walkin again?  I'm sorry Sissy."

I shrugged and she walked away up to her room.

The End

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