Chapter one- Fast cars, and slow men.Mature

The clubs lights shone dimly, hung up in neat patterns on the ceiling, not unlike stars on a cloudless night. Unlike a cloudless starry night the rest of the room from the ceiling down was not far off mayhem. Loud music cut through any chance of conversation and a thick layer of fog on the floor made me wonder the point of even wearing heels, crowds of people heading in all different directions. Movement seemed to be a sort of free for all rather than an unspoken two way lane system that was followed on the streets just outside. Living up to its name, the Hysteria was in full swing.

I was perched on the end of a long L shaped sofa in the famed VIP section, watching Nat and her esteemed group of friends, who, in their attempts to make little or no conversation with me, made it clear that they were not mine, talk about up and coming hot bed social events and the rumour mills latest churn out at their private schools.

Yup, it was a usual Saturday night out with Nat. Nat, was my best friend, of sorts. She was beautiful, with dark auburn hair in billowing long curls, her face was mature and perfectly complimented by the deep Atlantic blue of her eyes.  She was the only daughter of the socially acclaimed and influential Barnave family.

As for me on the other hand I was cursed the affliction known as ‘baby faced’ I had long sliver hair just above my waist (with the help of hair dye and extensions)  the only feature that really stood out on me was eyes, one cloudy blue, one chocolate brown.  Adopted daughter of the plain old Jones family, and no social standing to speak of with our only influence being my mother’s sharp tongue on the PTA board.

“Izzy!” I turned my head towards Nat and shot her a dark look, she knew I hated being called that. Isabella being my full name, I’d taken it upon myself to be called Belle. She ignored my angry expression “We’re going to head to a party on the other side of town, that okay?” I raised my eyebrow at why she was asking for my opinion “Sure, I’ll just need to grab my coat from the cloak room” The other vampire youth elites exchanged glances. Nat chuckled adding a patronizing tone to her voice “No no dear, when I said we, I meant we” she paused to flick a long finger around the sofas “It’s kind of a VIP event only, not a VIP and VIP’s friend do.” I dropped my shoulders “But, you’re my ride home, and my place to crash.” I locked her gaze and flatly added “What about me?” Nat half ‘assedly shrugged. Either her way of apologizing, or saying ‘don’t know don’t care’.  Breaking eye contact she quickly stood up and walked to the exit of the VIP lounge, the others filing out neatly behind her, just before she left she indiscreetly whispered to the bouncer “I know that she’s technicallyonly here as my extra, but somethings come up and I’ve got to jet, it’s alright it she stays in isn’t it?” the bouncer nodded once, and Nat glided out of site.

I sighed and slumped down into the sofas soft suede cushions, in the midst of my angry thought train I felt a weight next to me. I snapped my head to the side to see Gale settling himself onto the sofa. I furrowed my brow “Something I can help you with” Gale was the last person I wanted to deal with right now, beautiful, dark hair, tall, utterly charming and an ego big enough to fill an arena. Me and Gale shared a love hate relationship, namely him loving too wind me up by persistently flirting with me, and me hating every word that comes out of his mouth. Gale threw up his hands mockingly and grinned “Woah! Whats the hostility, babe?” I glared at him, when I said nothing he raised his eyebrow “Saw your friend bail out on you, how come?” I curled my tongue around a fang in frustration “Some ‘VIP only’ party” I mimicked in a high pitched tone “Cost me my ride home and my place to crash” Gale nodded sympathetically “I don’t know why you’re her friend, she’s a bitch to you.” I rolled my shoulders back and sighed. Gale leaned in closer to me and flicked a stray hair back into its place, lazily over one eye “You want a ride home?” He said holding up his car keys “No point, my parents think I’m studying for my exams at Nat’s, I’m not meant to be out.” Gale smiled wryly “You little rebel” and pulled up a single key from the bunch “Since you’re already breaking the rules, how about you go full blown bad girl and take a place to stay too?” I squinted my eyes at him, going back to Gales house was something I never wanted to do, yeah, I’d occasionally slipped into fantasy about going home with him and those dreamy eyes of his, but that doesn’t count. It wasn’t something I’d actually do. But, I was pretty much out of options right now. “No funny business, alright?” I snapped, Gale pouted and jingled his keys “No funny business”.

The End

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