Bite MeMature

A cry to rally against the world's worst scourge. (Mature for language.)

Have you ever felt like a target even though you’re just walking down the street? There’s just something that makes your skin crawl, especially in summer when you can expose more skin to the warming rays of sunlight.

In winter it’s not so bad, what with all the layers you wear, but as soon as it warms up the prickling feeling in the back of your neck just won’t go away.

When you seem to have a premonition of the impending attack, it makes it that much worse when it actually happens. “Ugh, and I saw it coming, too!” Yes, and the tenth times before this one, too. This might be the only exception to the ‘practice makes perfect’ rule.

Sometimes it feels like there is no safe place to be, at all. You could be chilling on the net, eating out with friends, going shopping or simply waiting to cross the street and yet, you still feel it coming from a mile away.

Well friends, let me tell you, it has got to stop. How are we expected to live our lives normally and peacefully with this unstoppable scourge going on? It’s simply preposterous. We all know the culprits and their filthy habits, so it’s time we took a stand and said ENOUGH!

Are you with me? Grab a can, take to the streets and spray those damn pricks in the face.

Fuck you, mosquitoes: you’re going down.

The End

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