Over Coming the BattleMature

Will a young woman named Fran be able to fight her way through cancer or will someone else save her before it's too late in an unusal way? How will Fran feel towards this stranger who will come to save her? Will he be able to keep how he saved her a secret while she lives with him daily or will she find out only to run away from him?

Fran struggled with fighting for her life. If she didn't come through this, then she will die from cancer. Feeling her tears running down her cheeks, her body slowly takes her further away from the only world she knew. It would only be soon before she was completely gone.Opening her eyes, Fran found herself inside a log cabin. Nestled on a cozy bed with warm blankets and fluffy pillows. Is this a dream? How did I get here? Am I still alive? The thoguhts kept swirling in her mind. Getting up, Fran found her glasses. Placing them on, she looked around. The cabin was stocked with books, board games, and food. Fran walked to the kitchen and was about to make fried eggs, when a stranger walked in. Causing her to stumble backwards but was caught upright into strong chiseled arms. Smelling oak, cedar , and something else. It was a good combination. That made  Fran want to lean in closer to get a better sniff. " Sorry for frightening you. I thout you would still be sleeping yet", he informed her. Looking into  his eyes,Fran felt herself blushing. "How did I get here?And I was dying..", she asked him." You were dying , but to everyone at the hospital you made an incredible recovery and are now a healthy living woman." Feeling puzzled, she asked him, "But how?" Looking into her blue grey eyes, he felt relieved that she made it through. He walked back out leaving her alone and wondering.

The End

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