Fear and Light.Mature

The walk to the bank was one I hated. I had to pass through crowds and crowds of short skirted blond bimbo’s and chiselled jaw line jock boys, that all gave me daggers as I pushed through them. But secretly I took comfort in the large amount of people, the more people there were, the safer you were.
But today there was an unusually large amount of them and they seemed to be extra excitable today “What’s going on?” I shouted to one of the girls beaming next to me, she could just hear me over the shouts and screams of other girls. “It’s bent faith! There doing a free gig today!” She yelled back “Thanks” I muttered, barging my way out of the rush. Bent Faith, another bunch of untalented pretty boys prancing about on stage with jeans so tight they look they've been painted on with a roller brush. Urgh. I would never get through that gabble of deranged star stuck girls; I would have to find a short cut. At the other end of the street I could see a small alleyway, which would have to do. Pushing my through the chaos I got to the entrance. It was dimly lit and smelt like stagnant water, not exactly inviting. Taking in a last breath of clean air I pushed myself past the entrance.
I could only stop and stare, it was beautiful in here. It was like stepping into a time machine, the sky was almost completely cut off as the houses seem to lean inwards, silently watching over there little alleyway. White walls with black beams, they looked like they had been built in the Tudor times. Tucked away in a little corner of town, this beautiful place remained untouched as the world grew and changed around it. It stayed the same, forgotten. My trance was shattered; I turned quickly on my heels to the sound of scuffling footsteps. A young boy was walking down the alleyway too; he was looking down texting on his phone. He was no threat so began to turn “Crazy isn't it!” the young boy said to me.
“That massive crowd, over that shitty band.”
“Oh! Yeah, I don’t get how people can listen to it”
The young boy was now smiling at me, it was warm smile. But after a few seconds it got creepy. “Can I help you?” His smile grew at that. “What?!” Suddenly a felt a strong arm around my chest, yanking me back before a damp cloth was pressed over my face, I heard the young boy snicker and say “You let your guard down”.
It was a dark sliver, loaded, and pointing at my face. I’d never seen a gun before, the well-polished calibre shone in the dim light. The grip had some sort of pattern engraved in gold on it; most of it was covered by a steady hand firmly griping it. I couldn't see much, but the arm that was in front of me was intimidating, muscled and strained. I would have no chance at pushing it away, even if I managed to get out of the harshly tight ropes around my hands. “Where is it?” Said a deep voice, somewhere form the blackness around me. A large hand ripped the gag out of my mouth. “What?” I said hoarsely. The gun came closer to my face, and the click of the safety catch being realised made me sweat. “I’ll ask again, where is it?” “I don’t know what you mean!” I said, my voice trembling a little. A lump was in my throat, my eyes were pricking. I had to concentrate on not crying he would have complete power over me if I did. “If you don’t tell us, we will just have to search for it.” Said the darkness calmly. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands on me “Yeah, search for it real hard!” Said another voice laughing a little, the hands ran up my neck and stroked my collar bone. I whimpered as the traced gently on my skin. I flinched, but the ropes didn't give me much room to pull away. My struggling seemed to amuse him more. “Get off her!” Snarled the man holding the gun, it lowered a little, but the iron grip still remained “We’re not animals. We’re here to do a job. That’s it” The hands quickly left me. I took a breath out. “Look, I don’t want to get nasty, but I will! So just tell me where it is and this will all be over!” The man holding the gun grunted at me. I licked my dry lips, I felt light headed, like when you wake up the middle of the night. “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Even if I did, it sounds too important to tell kidnapping scum like you!” I spat back at him. With that the gun lowered, I heard him chuckle under his breath and step back a little. I felt a surge of victory before it was cut short by harsh blow to the side of my face. I couldn't hold back a small cry. “Don’t get snippy with me, bitch!” He snapped, placing the gun on my temple now, pressing it hard. I needed to throw his concentration off, I began to struggle. It was pointless I knew, but it seemed to get to him. He didn't move an inch but flicked his gun to one side quickly and in a second the same pair of hands were on me again, but this time with a different intention, keeping me from wiggling free. The hands gripped my wrists like iron shackles but that didn't discourage me, I showed him my strength. I continued to struggle; I twisted and snarled at him baring my fangs. Keeping my eyes firmly locked on his, while they needed me, they couldn't kill me.
Could they?
He smirked, lowering the gun to his side he casually made his way over to me. The gun taped lightly against his side as he slowly walked. He lifted the gun and brought his face close to mine. “Now, what’s this all about-“I took my chance and cut him off mid-sentence, I shot out my leg and delivered a nerve splitting kick into whatever part of him was closest. A pain filled cry shot through the darkness, the gun clattered to the floor and I heard clumsy foot scuffles as he desperately tried to stay up right. “HOLD THE BITCH DOWN!” He screamed at his partner. “FUCKING HOLD HER DOWN!” The other man’s grip was now agonizingly tight I couldn't even twitch “Fucking bitch!” He screamed running straight towards me and slamming his fist into my stomach. It felt like someone had dropped a cannon ball onto me, my eyes were watering and my whole chest burned from the blow but I didn't give him the satisfaction of even a whimper from me. I slowly raised my head to meet his eyes, I could feel a little blood on my lips licking it off I jeered “Temper temper” A frustrated yell followed by a harsh smack from the side of the gun. A small whimper left my lips I was dizzy, after a few seconds of hanging my head I looked up at him, grinning like a madman and blood covering my teeth and escaping down the side of my mouth “Ouch” I said laughing a little at the end. I don’t know if it was pure instinct that made me so fearless or if it was the coliform still in my system but it was whipped away when the man behind me kicked the legs of my chair and I was sent me crashing to the concrete ground below. My cheek burned from the impact “That’s going leave a bruise…” I muttered to myself the man with the gun chuckled. My face was pressed up against the cold, damp floor. He came right up to me and whispered in my ear “Now, are we quite finished?” He stroked the side of my face with the gun. “Now tell me my angel, where is it?” I let out a long heavy breath and licked my lips “Piss...of” I said breathlessly. At that he grabbed the back of the chair and flipped it over so I was looking up into the darkness. He leaned his face into mine; I could make out a soft face and dark eyes.
“Come on Nat! You’re a nice kid! I don’t want to finish this the hard way!” He yelled at me pressing the gun closer to me. He was getting frustrated now, his breathing was heavier and the gun trembled. I paused for a moment, “Nat?” I breathed out “I’m not Nat” I swallowed “I’m Izzy… her friend.” Suddenly I realised what it was there were after, Nat's mothers necklace. She had given it her when she was very young, she had hardly spoken to me about it. All I knew is that it held a great power with in it. The gun didn't move from in face but the grip had become desperate, trembling shaking and twitching with frustration. "What ..." The firm voice seemed somehow lighter, a little inviting. "Izzy..." I spoke cautiously, unsure of why the mention of my name had shaken him so much. "Your last name!" He snapped brashly thrusting the gun right up against my face. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat "Izzy... Laureate" The gun suddenly moved away, I heard footsteps as he walked away and began to speak with the other man in the room. I couldn't work out what they were saying. A strong hand grabbed the back of my chair a yanked me back up right. I heard footsteps. A blaze of white light, and the room was lit up. I could only blink as my head spun trying to adjust to the new light. For a few seconds everything was burly, I could only make out a vaguely familiar figure stood in front of me. My eyes widened as I saw who it was standing near me "You!" I snarled. Gale, it was him, he stood there with that same smile he had when he bit me. What was he doing here? His body tensed up and his eyes flickered like a fire whatever he was holding back he let out, throwing the gun to the floor he slammed his fists into the wall “Fuck!” He yelled “FUCK!” He yelled again slamming his whole body into the wall this time. I flinched back, unsure of what was going to happen next. There was a long tense moment, I licked my lips the blood on them was drying and tasted odd. Slowly and calmly he walked over to me, and pulled a knife from his pocket. Panic ran its way through me like a terrified rabbit. I fought pointlessly against the ropes on my hands. I should have said I was Nat, now they have no use for me, it would make sense to just kill me. Rather than let me go, to freely warn Nat, or even go to the police. “I warn you… “I whimpered, sounding more like a moody kid who can’t have the toy she wants, rather than the mighty lion I had hoped for.
“Calm down.” He grunted. As he disappeared behind me, I felt the ropes tighten for a second then they loosened completely. I rubbed my wrists, they were red and sore and bleeding a little. Gale leaned against the wall not too far from me his expression was that arrogant look that he always carried, slowly he began to speak "When I saw you I thought you were Nat, seeing how uncomfortable around me you were I thought you were pretending to be your friend. So I went along with it" Does Nat know this asshole? Wouldn't surprise me, he seems just her type. But why would he think she would pretend to be someone else around him? He paused to look me up and down. "So I needed to taste your blood just to be sure, and it was the blood I was looking for." I couldn't bring myself to look at him, I had no idea what he was talking about. None of it made any sense. "Aristocratic blood, strong Aristocratic blood. When you said you were Izzy, it didn't make any sense, but now. Thinking about it...It makes perfect sense." Gale smiled at me, his misty eyes that locked away so many secrets, now had me locked in them too. "What...the hell are you talking about? " I didn't understand what he had just said, aristocratic blood? It made so little sense, as I swam around helplessly lost in a sea of confusion. "Wait... You knew who I was! You even knew about my birth, you lying Son of a bitch! How could you do this? Capturing one of your own?! Are you working with the NAHAV?!" (National Association of Humans Against Vampires) I don't know why I said it, but I felt so betrayed. It seemed so wrong that member of my own race would do something like this. All for some poor wayward kids necklace?! Gale's smile dropped from his face he looked hurt. "No! Of course I'm not! I...I thought you were faking it, hiding out. You know..." "Then what the fuck do you want with Nat?! She got no reason to hide! Why are you doing this?! I hung my head down to floor I could feel the tears building up behind my eyes, I tried to hold it back but it was like filling a bathtub that was already full. The water had to go somewhere. Gale took a step back at that he carefully brushed his hair out of his eyes and took a single step closer to me. "You know how times are now for vampires, it's people like Nat that make vampires look bad... She wanders around with that necklace on, a necklace that holds so much power. She goes out, takes drugs. Handing out bite to humans like its nothing!!" He snarled the last part of his sentence.
I looked up into his face "What...did...you...say?!" I growled through clenched fangs. Gale stood up a little taller "Bite, she gives bite to humans" I looked away from him, part of me knew that it was true but I didn't want it to be. "So what?" I muttered angrily.
Gale sighed "Bite is the biggest threat to Vampires, and the greatest weapon against us for the NAHAV. Bite is given to humans by stupid vampires, it is our poison, the stuff that turns humans into half vampires. When given in small doses it gives the human the feeling of being a vampire for a short amount of time, their senses are heightened, they feel a great euphoria, heightened emotions and heightened sexual pleasure." Gale paused and looked at me when he said that "Its highly addictive, but if its taken to offten, or the proper dosage is exceeded... You can see the danger in that?" Gale stepped closer to me and leaned over so his face was closer to mine "You need to stop her doing this, she is in to powerful a family to be messing around like this. She a danger to us all." I looked up into his eyes, they really were beautiful. Nodding slowly I shuffled back as a sign for him to move away from me, but he stayed where he was looking intently at me. I shuffled a little more, he sensed my discomfort and moved in closer "Your cute, I know you haven't experienced your powers yet, but have you experienced the full potential of mine?" Gale grinned at me. Before I had any time to think about what he meant by 'You haven't experienced yours yet' he slowly leaned into my neck I could feel his hot breath on the nape of my neck his tongue dragging across it. My body began to feel warm. I don’t know whether it was all the blows to my head, or the fact that he was beautiful but I felt my conscience slip away as I lifted up my hands and wrapped them around the back of his head, I gave a little side smile as pulled him in closer. He smiled back at me, dragging his lips lightly over mine there was a moment of just breathing before he dominated my senses and kissed me. My body twitched and trembled as his tongue flickered on my neck, and slowly moved down my collar bone. . I could feel his kisses, I could feel my hands running down his chest to his belt buckle. I had lost control of my body, this was his power. Ultimate seduction. I gripped him tighter as my body gave in once again to his sweet scent, but he effortlessly pulled out of it. “Better run home, beautiful” He smiled “You’re far too sweet to see what I can really do” He gave me a little sexy side smile. Before kissing me on the cheek and tipping my chair over so I had to stand up. Narrowly missing falling to the floor I clumsily stood up and waited for a second, he was so beautiful. I wanted to know what he could do. “Run!” He yelled, holding up the knife. I snapped out of my trance and ran, when I pushed open the door it was dark outside. I was tempted to take one look back, but I remembered the gun and kept on running.

The End

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