Morning rush.Mature

Morning came, and somehow I felt okay. The pains were gone, and my head felt clear.

stripped off and made my way across the cold tiles to the shower, stepping inside and pulling the glass door shut. I turned the knob and jumped to the side, as to avoid the cold spurt of water that came as a mandatory part of showering. After a few seconds of clinging pointlessly to the slippery sides of the shower, the warm water began to flow and I cautiously let myself into the flow of the water. It was heaven. But I didn't have time to get into it, I grabbed the shampoo and set to work on my hair. After a quick hair wash and leg shave, I jumped out before I got tempted to stay in longer. 

After the worlds quickest shower I ran upstairs with my towel hanging pointlessly on to me, covering half of my left breast and my middle section. Pushing my door open I dropped the towel on the floor, landing in a soggy heap. I yanked open my draws, letting my hands dive in risky looking draws. I searched the black hole till I pulled out my hair dryer. Along with a large tangle of wires, "fuck sakes.." I muttered. I fumbled about till I found the plug for it and slammed it into the mains. Holding it to my hair I let the almost too hot wave of air pulse over my hair. I hated drying my hair it took the piss and was boring. After a tedious ten minutes of drying my hair, I flicked the slightly warm switch of the hair dryer off.  

Getting dressed, this was the worst part I think.  My hands slowly reached out to the handle of my draws, dancing for a second on the smooth surface of the rounded handle. Then promptly yanking it open, my eyes rolled over the neatly laid out shirts. I pulled out a plain white tee and gently threw it onto my bed and watched it float down through the couple of inches of air that I had left between it and the bed, to land perfectly in place on the sheets.  After that I turned to my floor “Jeans?” I said out loud, expecting them to come to me. “Maybe not…” I said padding over to the window, to see the weather. Blazing heat.  I grunted this kind of heat meant I would have to wear my shorts. I scanned my floor till I found something that looked somewhat like shorts. Kneeling over I picked them up in a quick swipe, I was right they were my shorts at least. Simple black denim with nothing to much else to add. “They will do I guess” I sighed placing them on top of my shirt. A grabbed my last few bits, underwear, tights then with a slight feeling of regret, I got dressed.

“You can pose all you like in the mirror; you look the same at every angle!” Said an annoying, familiar voice. I turned slowly round to see a tall slender figure stood in the door way, my mother. I clicked my tongue over my teeth in fustration.“So where are you going?” She asked looking at me judgingly. “Out" I muttered, looking down. “I know that. But where are you going” She hissed a little. Me and my mother had a very tense relationship, there was rarely a time when we got on at all. “The bank” I grunted, picking up my backpack preparing to leave the room. I shoved past her and  making my way to the stairs. I couldn't deal with her crap right now, after what had happened yesterday I just needed re fuel and leave the past events well enough alone. “I’m guessing you mean the blood bank.” She shouted from the top of stairs. I stopped my feet sliding a little under the laminate flooring; slowly I looked up into her eyes. I could feel myself cracking, that white hot rage I felt before I attacked Nat was creeping its way back into my head. A small flame of her fear showed under her hard dark eyes, she could tell I was close to breaking point. “Yes” I continued to stare at her, accusing her of crimes she wanted to commit. “I see” She slowly let out. My eyes sparked, I gave her warning look 'Don't continue' they said. But my mother was not the type to back down and keep quite. "Must you go too those places during the day?"She recoiled a little after she said that, but quickly brought herself back, she wasn't going to back down. But I knew she was Scared of me and what I could do. I could rip her apart in seconds! But she still pressed my buttons, like she wanted me to get locked away. She hated me going to the bank when there was a chance people she knew would see, I think she more hated the fact that I was a vampire. “Pathetic bitch...” I growled, I wasn't about to sucked into her little mind games, so turned and walked away. Opening the door and stepping out into the sun.  Smiling a little smile of victory I ended with “Get the door” Then walked down to my bus stop , Leaving the door wide open.

The End

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