New hearts to bleed.Mature

After that event I walked up to college. I was pissed off and in a fluster, but it made me walk faster which was good as I needed to get to class, unlike Nat I actually cared about my school work. I sighed heavily, I only ever said things like that because I was jealous. Nat went to one of the many schools for 'Children of well esteemed families' as she called it. They had some of the best teachers, amazing supplies and resources, and she wasted it all!
Being a middle class citizen, I had no choice but to go too a normal college. I didn't enjoy it much there, I found the classes far to easy and the lack of other vampires made day to day on campus life difficult. Most vampire were aristocrats, valued and respected by society. Vampire who were just, well. Normal people, were looked down upon not only by aristocratic vampires but humans as well.
I clasped my hand slowly around the metal handle of the common room door, it was cold and smooth. I held onto the handle for a few seconds, preparing myself for the people the lay inside, I took a deep breath in and pushed it open. On the click of the door, a few people looked up, but soon got back to their friends. I was happy to see that none of my usual tormentors were in today, so with a slightly happier swing in my step and floated over to an empty table in the far corner of the room. I would have just resumed life in the corner, if it wasn't for a rather... attractive scent catching my pass. I knew that sent, it was a vampires sent! I was the only vampire in my year so I curiously scanned the room, and eventually after dancing my eyes over a the various groups of people I locked eyes on a boy sat reading a thick, old looking book. His lean body was bent over showing his lightly muscled body through his tight black t-shirt. His black hair fell lazily over one of his eyes. Veins and tight muscles decorated the pale skin of his arms.He really was captivating. I watched him sit up rather aburtly, then calmly and carefully place his book open face down on the table. I watched him pick up on my scent too his eyes darted around the room till he met my gaze. We had a wonderful moment of our eyes meeting, I watched his face soften and a smile creep on the corner of his pale lips.
"Awwh!" A bitch slap to our little 'moment', one of the hipster type guys who often gave me a hard time had taken notice of our little meeting. "That is just the cutest thing ever! Two little fang bitter emo freaks together!" He sneered with a grin added on top "Aw look you can both go to metal gigs together! Walk home in the dark and chow down on some groupie girl before going home to your coffins!" He continued. The whole room was already alight with laugher. I just rolled eyes and sat down I couldn't be bothered with them, besides they weren't very creative. So what’s the point?
I looked up to see the new boy walking casually over to the dick who had started it all. As he got close to him the hipster boy lifted his head and puffed out his chest, trying to big himself up. The hipster boy was considerably taller then the new boy."Got a problem, count?" He said, some of his mates giggled at that. The new boy smiled "No, no. Not at all, I was just wondering if you would mind shutting the fuck up, before I rip your head off." he chuckled darkly at the end of his sentence, still holding that cocky grin he had before. I held my breath, uh-oh. This could get bad, really bad...Really fast. The hipster boy shoved the new boy back by his shoulder "Oh yeah" he said, walking up to take another shove, he had an angry expression on his face. The new boy looked at his shoulder where he and been shoved and laughed again "Oh well, I warned you" at a lightning pace he turned his whole body around and pushed his hand into the dicks chest and shoved him back with bone breaking results. He flew back and hit the wall with a loud crash and slowly slid down into a crumpled heap on the floor. The new boy stood in the same spot, the punch had barely moved him. His eyes burnt into the boy on the floor with that animal blood lust instinct that all vampires knew. I narrowed my eyes and looked away, I hated seeing that look. The boy on the floor moaned and tried to stand up, but before he could the new boy darted over to the hipster boy, angrily grabbing him by his collar and roughly dragging him up. He had a casual smile on his face, its was unsettling how relaxed he looked. He gripped the boys hair in one hand, and the other was raised to strike. "NO! Stop it!" I shouted, I couldn't help it. It just came out, normally I'd do anything to get the attention off me. But suddenly everyone's eyes were on me, a sea of confused faces, all expecting answers from me. I tried to ignore them and looked to the new boy, his faced looked different, his eyes had softened and he looked a little more...Well, person like. Rather than evil murderous robot. He looked at me for a few moments, it seemed to be an 'I'm sorry' look before slowly leaning his lips to the boys ears and whispering something that I couldn't make out. As soon as the new boy dropped him he scrambled up like a little lost rabbit and turned and ran out of the door.
"FUCKING FREAK!!" He screamed as he ran out of the doors.
Everyone looked about between friends, no one quite new what to do. Slowly, one by one people began to sit down and the heavy air lightened after a few minutes and everyone got back into their conversations.
The new boy walked over to me, giving his hair a quick sort as did he said "Sorry about that, I don't like people talking to me like that." He calmly sat down on the seat next to me. I was still in shell shock mode, I couldn't believe what he had done! Let alone deal with how casual he was being about it. "I'm Gale, yourself?" He asked gently, snapping me out of my shocked daze. "I'm Isabella..." I said cautiously, looking him up and down. His smile faded "Something wrong?" he said, turning his head to one side. I sighed "No." Yes there is "He had it coming to him I guess." No he didn't "I'm just over reacting I guess." No you're not, but since you almost crushed another vampires head into the wall less than an hour ago, it may be best to avoid pissing off any more psycho vampires today. He smiled a little at that, "Sorry" I said shaking away the fuzzy feeling "I'm normally more composed than this." He smiled again "Don't worry, so am I" He paused for a second giving me a quick once over before continuing "I know you" He smiled. I flicked my eyes up at him "No you don't" I knew what he was talking about but I wasn't in the mood to deal with it. You've just pissed off the whole room, yeah! Go ahead and piss off your only friend right now. "Yeah, yeah! Pure blood Vampire born of two humans, you were all over the papers" I sighed and looked away, I hated people bringing it up. He already seemed like he was trouble and now he had brought up something that made my mood even worse. He picked up on my dislike with his comments "Sorry...I know it must suck to have people know stuff about you without even knowing who you really are...Sorry that I said I know you. I really don't." He offered me a light smile along with his apology. It made me smile to hear that, no one had ever really taken in to consideration how I feel about it all. He noticed my smile and cocked his head to the side catching me in his eye sight again. "So, what is it that got you so, fucked up?" I licked my left fang quickly, I wanted to pour out my heart, tell him about Nat, and how I feel like she's wasting everything. How my life is such a woeful tale stuck on a never ending loop of 'That should be me' feelings. But, I could feel something strange about him, I didn't want him to think I trusted him at all. "Oh, just my friend. She did something...silly... again" I said trailing off into thought about the events of this morning. . He swayed himself a little closer to me, it sent a tingle through my body. He could tell I had avoided talking in any depth to him or giving away anything really, but what I couldn't tell is what his game was. Was he up too something, a friend of Nats maybe? Thinking about it, it did make sense. Right after we have a massive fight some new too beautiful to be true vampire shows up, takes an interest in me and wants to talk about this morning. Yeah, right. I opened my mouth to speak but he stole the sounds "Look this may be a bit forward but, are you like... seeing anyone?" Suddenly he sounded younger. Not like the bold strong vampire I had seen before. He avoided my eyes, looking down at the floor and chewing his bottom lip silently. I raised my eyebrows inquisitively"No" I said slowly, "Why?" I added. "You free this Friday then?" he had his cocky smile back, even though he really was beautiful the cocky smile sort of pissed me off. "Maybe, maybe not." I pouted a little and turned away. Gale flashed another on of his cocky smiles "Well, in that case" He said standing up and apparently I was coming with him! "Ahhh! Fuck put me down!" I screamed kicking my legs, narrowly missing... areas. "Nope! Not until you tell me you’re free this Friday"He smiled that confident smile I had seen before. "Fine. Just carry me around for the rest of your life!" I said stubbornly, I wasn't about to give in to his tricks. He couldn't be one of Nats friends, an aristocratic vampire would never act like this, I guess he's just another vampire, so maybe its okay if I let go a little now. I suddenly felt a rush or air below me"AHHH!" he dropped me a little, but caught me just in the nick time. "Say it" he said bringing his face close to mine "No!" I snapped "Fine" He shortly said, he leaned his head into my neck and flicked my hair out the way with it. "Wha...What are you..." I could only breath out the words as I felt his tongue licking my neck, I knew instantly what he was doing...he was searching for a vein. I tried to wiggle my neck away from him but my head had suddenly become so heavy "Come on now, you don't want to say no to me. Do you?" '"No I don't..." I whispered to him. Wait, what? Why did I say that? I could feel myself slipping away, my body was getting heavy,and it was getting hard to even think. As he spoke I could feel his breath on my neck, I hated how good it felt. " can...see" I whispered breathlessly. I felt so weak in the presence of him, I didn't know what was going on. And with every second that passed I kept getting weaker, even my mind was losing itself! I could barely think. Gale chuckled under his breath and began to drag his fang across my neck I struggled in his grip, but to no avail. This is how Nat must have felt when I had her against the wall. "There's no point fighting me" he whispered into my ear, his voiced flowed smoothly off his tongue like a river, flowing into my ear. "I'm much stronger than you and you smell so good..." He said into my ear again, the feeling of his breath made me twitch in pleasure and fear. "You want this, don't you?" he whispered sweetly too me. "Yes...I...Want...This..." I obediently leaned my head to side, offering my neck to him. I had stopped fighting, my arms and legs had become weak and powerless. He smiled when he felt me give up and relax my body "Good girl" He said a little louder I felt one of his fangs break the skin on my neck and begin to burrow deeper into it, I felt him smile as he did. He began to suck blood from my neck, very slowly and gently. It wasn't even enough to startle me, it just felt good. My eyes began to close, I could feel them growing heavier but this time I didn't even fight it, I just closed them. I was drifting in and out, I could hear people leaving the room, I could hear them muttering things like 'What the fuck' and 'What freaks' and sometimes I drifted back into the sound of his sucking my neck. After a while it became longer and longer till a zoned back into the room, eventually everything went black. I let myself sink into this deep dark sea he had created...Idiot.
I opened my eyes slowly, I felt shaky and my head was all fuzzy. I wasn't too sure where I was or what had happened... till I looked down and saw a pair of pale arms wrapped around me.
"Gah!" I yelped. Immediately I shot up and pushed myself out of his arms and away from him. Gale didn't look upset by this at all, he just sat there smiling. What was wrong with him...What was going on?! Thats when I felt a light trickle of blood run its way down my neck, giving me my answer. I slammed my hands onto my neck, I could feel the wounds from his fangs. I remembered what had happened almost immediately. I stumbled desperately off the sofa landing with a thump. I scrabbled desperately to get back onto my shaky feet, my legs were still almost useless. It was like they had been replaced with thin twigs, it was a struggle to even stand but my fear made me began to step back towards the door, I couldn't dare to take my eyes off of him. He watched me struggle for a moment, the look satisfied on his face told me he was enjoying watching me suffer. With a graceful motion he lifted his hand up and glided it over in the direction of the door, giving a cocky smile and a light nod. He was giving me permission to leave. Even though it felt utterly degrading I didn't hesitate to accept his offer of freedom, still holding my neck I turned and walked for the door. I reached for the handle and paused for a second taking a daring look back at him. He still sat in the exact same place licking my blood off his finger, smiling while he did it. He knew I was watching.
After what had happened at school I didn't end up going to any of my classes, I wasn't even sure what time was, or if I had missed them all. But I just ran home. Even though my whole body was weak, the fear of what had happened gave me a last scrap of strength to run home. It almost felt like my feet weren't in my control...
When I made it through the door I felt my legs buckle, that was it, I had no energy left at all. So I let myself fall too the floor exhausted. I didn't know what to make of what just happened, it was obvious now that he wasn't someone sent in by Nat, but nor was he just some vampire.... My head was far too weak to think any of it over right now, I had only just managed to make it home. Shakily I lifted my fingers to brush over the bite wounds on my neck, they were still there, still tender and sore. It really had happened. I was so weak and drained, the best thing for me right now would be to feed. But the blood bank was not an option right now it was too far away for me to walk to in this state. I would have too go tomorrow, I stood up shakily. My body stung as I dragged myself upwards but I forced myself up the stairs and into my bedroom. I collapsed into my bed and curled up under the sheets.
Thats all I could do for now.

The End

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