Give me coffee and blood.Mature

Humans and vampires of all sorts live side by side, and the busy town of Leeds, something bad is brewing to stop this.
This action packed prequel to the story 'Through the fangs' (That I swear I will start posting soon T-T) Telling the tale of Izzy, our sweet young heroine before all the real drama happens.

My name is Izzy. I'm seventeen years old . And I'm a vampire.

I pushed open the door with what little effort I had, a few people looked up and noticed me and began whispering among themselves. I rolled my eyes, I was used to people talking about me. My birth lead me to be somewhat famous around my city, I am a vampire. But I was born of two human parents. Nobody knows quite how it happened, but the most believable story is that it was something that vampire hunters did. I didn't really care, I just wanted to get on with my life. Stepping inside the busy coffee shop filled with an array of people chatting away, some dressed in smart suits and ties busily texting or talking on the phone, students sat around large tables with books laid out, all sipping out of light red cups. I immediately saw Nat sitting stubbornly in the middle of the room staring at her cup which I guessed was none alcoholic.
Natasha (Or Nat as she likes to be called) was a bright faced girl, with smooth pale skin, piercing dark eyes and a smile that could shatter a bullet. She was the daughter of Lord and Lady Barnave, a one child family of highly established aristocrats. All though recently Nat's mother had been sent to the Vampire ward.
I smiled a little, I knew it was a little cruel but whenever Nat was feeling crap it made me giggle. It was just the face she would pull! Like a moody kid who couldn't get and ice-cream from the truck.
"You know if you stare at it hard enough, it'll turn into vodka." I grinned wondering over to her. She slowly turned to me. "Fuck off" She pushed out with struggle. "Jesus, what the fuck were you doing last night! Meth?! You look like shit" I smirked. Nat sat up and pushed her hair out of her face, her expression told me that she wasn't even sure why she was bothering to stay awake.
"It wasn't anything to bad" She muttered.
"Piss off, you look like you spent the night at a rave upside down"
"I'm just tired, stop interrogating me"
I could easily tell that Nat had done something bad last night, when your that close with some its almost like you can read there minds. A never ending list of terrible things that could have happened ran through my mind, but one stuck out. It seemed the most likely, I opened my mouth to speak, then stopped. I couldn't even think of how to begin to ask her. Nat noticed it. Immediately. Even in the sorry sate she was in she could still read me like a book. "What is it?" She raised her eyebrows and slowly flicked her eyes up to meet mine, trying to read my face for a hint of what I was thinking. I sighed and pressed my thumbs together nervously. It wasn't that I doubted Nat, I just knew what she was like. I always found myself worrying about her whenever she disappeared at parties or clubs. 'Gah! I need to stop reasoning with myself' I thought as I shook my head. "Have you heard about...bite?" I quickly looked away, ashamed of myself for even asking her something like that. Nat curled her tongue around one of her fangs and looked to the other side of the room, making it quite clear that I had pissed her off "Yeah" she quickly snapped. "Well...I heard that you were...You know." I paused to look at Nat's expression, her eyes looked icy cold and uneasy. "I heard you've been selling it." I hated to say it to her, I felt like the worst friend in world. Nat licked her fangs again flicking her tongue back down, she slowly spoke "Bite... It's just low life vampires selling there venom to leech humans who are desperate to become like us, even if it is only for a hours. Do you really think I would degrade myself, and my family by selling it?" Nat stared at me, her eyes locking me in a stare off that would only end when I replied. "Okay, good." The only thing that I couldn't stand about her was her power, I could tell when she was lying, and she just did. But whenever she mentioned her family it was almost like she was reminding me that she was an aristocratic vampire, and I was just a plain old middle class citizen vampire. I sank down deep into the chair, hoping the cushions would eat me alive. Just for the record, they didn't.
After a few moments of sinking into the silence I leaned up a little and looked at the papers on the table hoping one of the headlines would be interesting enough to ride right over the tidal wave I had just created. 'Vampire blood lust attacks on a rise! Are we safe?' the headline boldly read. I looked up at Nat and bit my lip, she'd already seen it.
"Are you okay, Nat?"
"Why wouldn't I be?"
Nat look away from me, she just stared at the ground. Nats mother had always been an unstable vampire, but recently she went of the meter a little worse then normal. So much so that even the Barnave's lofty connections couldn't get her out of it. She was sent to to the High Garden's Vampire Referral District. A place where aristocratic vampires like her were sent, till they seemed safe enough to be out on her own again. Me and Nat had hardly spoke about it, but anyone could see that it was chipping away at her.
I leaned in closer to her and placed my hand carefully on hers, an offering of comfort. "She'll be out of the ward soon" I said with a light smile, squeezing her hand to remind her that I was here. She quickly snatched it away and recoiled herself back to the safety of the solitude she preferred when it came to her personal issues. "Don't call it that." She hissed. "You know what it is, it's a prison. For the fucked up Vampires they don't want wondering around" a shadow passed across Nats face, darkening it. Like a demon from the back of her mind had just crawled out. I opened my mouth to say something but Nat interrupted by slamming her fists on the coffee table, causing a few people to stop there conversations and look up from there tables. "It's those fucking bands, ever since she got that thing she wasn't the same."
The bands that most vampires wore were to indicate that you were a 'safe' vampire. Basically you weren't going around chomping the necks of everyone you see. You must go to you towns government office, and pass a test. It's pretty simple, a few questions, and a few tests to see how good your control was. That was pretty much it.
My parents made me get one. They acted so controlling over me, and yet they feared my every move. But Nat, she refused. She hated the government, and said she didn't want to 'encourage' the system.
Nat shook her head, her bright flaming hair tumbling over her shoulders. "Lets get another drink, that bitch of a waitress is working today, I feel like pissing her off" Nat grinned wickedly. That was the amazing thing about her, she had so much in her head but she could bury it all in a instance an pull herself back to what she always is.
Nat waved her hand in the air. The plucky waitress came over, reluctantly.
"Yes" She said, putting it more as a fact rather than a question. "I'd like a coffee" The waitress slowly turned to me, but before she could open her mouth Nat added "And a chocolate chip cookie" "anything else?" "Yes actually" Nat said, her face turning stone cold. "Next time, I would like a coffee that isn't laced!"
I stopped dead, I slowly rolled my eyes down to Nat's cup. She was holding it in her hand, and had tipped it sideways so at the bottom of the cup was visible, a greenish soggy power was clinging to the bottom. I gasped and looked up accusingly at the waitress. Who took a small step back and struggled to take in a large worried gulp"I...I don't know how that happened" stammered the waitress. She stepped back a little more."Sure. Just get you manager down here. Before I do." Nat said, staring. She gripped the cup a little tighter as she watched her run back. The waitress ran into the back room looking like she was about to cry, and before long an older. Worried. Looking man arrived at our table. "I'm very sorry. We have no clue how this happened" He said Fixing his tie and sweating a little. Nat settled herself deeper into her seat. "Really? Well it's all very convenient. Isn't it?" Nat said, her voice deepening. The manager began to twist in his own skin. He like the waitress struggled to take in gulps as they watched Nat. She continued to speak "You see this, woman" She said pausing and taking a harsh glance at the plucky waitress. Who now seemed more scared. "She always acted rude and hateful towards vampires. And now on this one day I seem weak. My coffee gets laced!" She stopped for a moment "You do know who I am don't you?" Nat flicked her eyes to me smiling "I'm the daughter of Lord and Lady Barnave." The managers face dropped at that. “What am I supposed to think?" She leaned back. Ending her dramatic little speech. The manager now looking rather worked up and worried opened his mouth and dared to speak. Nat flashed her eyes on him, warning him. "Look, we need to keep this on a low down. What will it take?" Nat took a quick look at me, and then sat up. "Well... I don't feel like paying for things from here, for a good long while. If you get me" She smiled "Nor does my friend" She shortly added. The manager and the waitress, exchanged a glance. Then he dared to speak. "A year..." "HA!" Nat burst out. "Keep going" She said waving her fingers in an upwards motion "five years...?" Nat continued to wave her fingers upwards. "Life!" He quickly let out. Nat sunk back into her seat and gave them one nod. She then turned her head to waitress "Oh, and you don't work here any more." She stated shortly. The waitress looked to her manager for help, who didn't even offer her a sympathetic glance. Nat waited for a few seconds, just looking between the two of them then dismissed them with a small wave of her hand. There was a small pause before the manager slunk back to his office. The young waitress fumbled about for a moment and then stumbled back a few steps, not turning her back on us. "Erm...sorry" She quickly said. And with a little curtsy She added "Ma'am" Before running back behind the counter.
"Ha!" Nat let out with a joyful smile. The whole of it was over pretty quickly. But I was still in shock from it. My mind was a buzz I knew that the National Association of Humans Against Vampires had some pretty hardcore members, but I never would have thought one of them would have pulled a stunt like this! "Jeez..." I said trailing of "Who could of...It just makes you feel so... yeah." I leaned back into my chair.
Nat grinned at me. She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out pocket a small vile with a powder in it. My heart slapped itself. "What is that...?” I said, my voiced cracked, I could only hope that it wasn't what a thought. "I told you I was going to get back at her! She needs to learn who she's messing with!" I stopped thinking. "What..." I hissed through gritted fangs. "It was nothing! No need to thank me!" She grinned happily holding out her arms to me for a hug."WHAT!" I snarled at her. I felt the white hot rage burning in the back of my skull again. I stood up angrily. I wanted to slap her across the room! Using all of the strength I had I ignored the violent urges that were clawing at my head and turned and walked away.
Nat followed me out of the coffee shop and into the street "What the hell is your problem?!" She shouted at me, getting right in my face. I pushed her back and snapped back at her "What the hell is MY problem! What the fuck is your problem" I stared at her grinding my teeth in anger. Nat's face hardened, she looked ice cold, like she did in the coffee shop before. She raised her hand and flicked her hair back behind her shoulder "Jeez, its almost like your forgetting who I am, talking to me like that" Nat's mouth slipped into a cocky side smile. That did it for me, the monster inside that had been rattling its chains ever since Nat did this me came loose I felt the hot rage run through me like the poison from a snakes bite. I made a grab for Nats shirt, pulling her up and slamming her against a wall. People on the street took notice of this but kept their heads down and quickly walked away, they knew better then to medal in two vampires personal affairs. "This is what makes NAVAH hate us, this kind of childish stunt is what makes vampires freedom be questioned" I hissed. I felt Nat try to struggle against my grip, so I pushed her harder into the wall feeling the crack of the bricks splitting behind her body. "Stop throwing your weight around and wake up to the real world, your not the only one with strength." With that I let go of Nats shirt and dropped her to the floor with a loud thud.

The End

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