Bite Me

Something weird is happening to Alex. She can't figure out what. She experiences extreme strength and strange talents. What's happening?

Ch. 1

It was 4:30 on a Saturday morning and I had woken up 30 minutes ago.  I have been needing less and less these past few weeks.  Don't ask me why, I have no clue.

I pushed my long blonde hair out of my eyes and looked down at my wrist.

A large red bump the size of a button raised out of my laeft arm.  I had gotten it a while age.  My guess was it was some kind of bug bite.

An aching pain led from my bump to my head.  A pain way worse than a normal headache.  Wincing, I pulled my right hand to my head to keep my skull from breaking open.  I don't know how long it kept going.  Could've  been minutes, hours, days.

The paines slowly decreased and went away.  It felt like it drained from my head and then down my shoulder then my elbow, untill it vanished as it reached my wrist.

I needed a hot shower.  I ran quietly to the bathroom across the hallway.  Making little noise so I would'nt wake my family.  I hadn't told them about my bite,  I figured it was no big deal.

I shut the door behind my and held my breathe when I pushed it with a little to much force.  It slammed hard.

I paused, waiting for some sign of someone waking up, but I hear no noise and shrugged.

I opened the shower door and turned the fausset untill the arrow pointed to red.

Then I heard a loud crash from downstairs and jumped about 5 feet.  Okay then.

The End

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