The ride

The cheap motel had a name neither of them cared to notice. Something like "Paradise Inn". Stev slipped a hundred into the owner's hand. The room cost way less; it was just compensation for barging in and ramming down on his service bell at midnight. Besides, it's what Stev would do.

The man picked up the bartender and she laughed, throwing her arms around his neck.

"My name's Laura, by the way," she said. He didn't bother sharing his. A slight smirk was enough. Benjamin would have thought about the difficulties of carrying the girl and trying to jimmy open the door, but not Stev. He was too cool for that. Still cradling her in his arms (and she was no lightweight) he tried freeing a hand to get at the knob, but would be met with failure.

"You could put me down, you know," said Laura, feeling like she were on a particularly crappy roller coaster.

"No. I got it." Stev would NOT be bested. Not by his ex wife, not by the house, the car, the dog, and all the other liquid assets being split down the middle, and NOT by this door. With a "Huurah!", Stev managed the impossible and they stumbled inside. A cockroach could be seen scurrying away in terror as they entered the dark room.

Feeling satisfied, he at last released her and searched for a light switch. When he found it, the bulb above them gave a few weak flickers before turning on, revealing a grimy room, complete with peeling floral wallpaper and ruined carpet. The walls were an off-green, but could have been white or beige at one point. Same for the carpet. Laura's expression gave some clue as to what she thought of the hastily made arrangements. Was it regret? Fear? Stev didn't care.

"It's perfect," he said, arms akimbo. "Here's JOHNNY!" That reference she did get, and she rolled her eyes.

Before the bartender could even decide on whether to brave the matress or not, Stev's pants were already down.

"What's the rush?" asked Laura. "We have all night."

What's the rush? she asks. What's the rush... For Stev, everything was a rush. An adrenaline rush. Where Benjamin was slow, like a Foghat song, Stev was fast paced; all Guns n Roses. He leaped for the bed and the whole frame collapsed under him. Laura cupped her hands over her mouth, then burst out laughing.

"It's not funny, babe!" said Stev, rolling over. She was still laughing minutes later.

"Alright! Alright!" he said, becoming increasingly agitated. "Care to join?" He tried his best Nicholson impersonation on the last bit, which sounded more like The Joker from Dark Knight.

"I'm not sure I want to get in that bed," said Laura, finally finding a break in the laughter.

"Cooome on!"

"Fine." She finally gave in and reluctantly climbed in with him onto the now grounded matress.

"That's more like it," he said, putting an arm around her shoulder.

"We forgot to bring a drink."

"Ah. We don't need that."

"I do."

After a quick trip out, Stev returned, bottle in hand. Per request, it was some of the strongest stuff the ABC had; grain. Laura took a genrous swig. A few more of those and she was ready for the party to start. This was it! Stev could barely contain himself. For hours he'd lusted over her, and now he'd have his way. Benjamin never would have gotten this far, he thought as he began undoing her bra.

But instead of passionate moans of love and tantilizing cries of pleasure, snores instead filled the dingy, dark room. One too many pints of grain had gone into the poor girl, and now she was passed out. In an all too close to Will moment, Stev was forced to go to sleep, unsatisfied and no closer to being cooler. The next morning, though she had one nightmarish hangover, Laura would realize she dodged one Magnum sized bullet.

The End

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