Stev reinvents himself...

Benjamin looked around his crappy little domicile which always seemed to linger in perpetual shadow.  Stev certainly wouldn't live in such a disgusting little hovel.  Stev would live...

Where the hell would a guy like Stev live, anyway?

Benjamin touched the smirk on his lips with one grubby fingernail and thought.

Stev would live...


Yeah, definitely.  Stev would surround himself with modern art and modern architecture, modern clothes and modern conveniences..  He was the kind of guy who would live in a city of glass and neon lighting, and possessed the power to buy his way out of any problems which might arise.  He was a guy who wore nothing but the very best.

Benjamin looked down at his grease-stained overalls and sighed.  There was no way in this blue world that he could afford the lifestyle of one mister Stev Edge.

But Stev Edge could afford that kind of lifestyle.  Why not? It was his life after all, right?

This peculiar voice seemed to offer sound advice.  It echoed around Benjamin's head for a moment until it dawned on him that the voice was correct.  While Benjamin's capital was severely lacking... perhaps Stev could find a way to be more secure -- financially speaking.

The End

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