Birthing Stev

One day, Benjamin decided he didn't want to be Benjamin anymore.  It wasn't a sudden decision, but one he'd been working towards since Delilah had left him.  But the timing was never right.

Ben worked between the towering piles of trash in the old landfill, mining for ancient recyclables.  It was a job, though not one he was especially attached to.  He worked for a Albert, a man he didn't especially like, in Portland, a city he didn't have especially strong feelings for.

There was very little he felt strongly about.  So, when one of his expeditions led him to a battered brown valise with a dozen pieces of identification with no photographs, it was a fairly simple and straightforward decision.  Benjamin would disappear and Will Edge would live.

Benjamin took the ID home with him to the dank little sardine-can of an apartment he called home. He surveyed his domain with barely checked contempt.  The ugly floral wallpaper in the kitchen, the cracks in the ceiling from the last last earthquake--these were things Stev Edge would never stand for.

Stev Edge was a tough-minded man, a go-to kind of man, the kind of man people looked up to.  Will Edge The kind of man who got things done.  He wasn't the kind of man who would lie there staring at the cracked ceiling and bemoan his loneliness...

So, with an infusion of vigor, Benjamin went to work completing the passport and drivers license for Stev Edge.   After that, giddy with anticipation, Benjamin took Stev out for a test run...

The End

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