Ami broke away from Chris, and read the note. She smiled hugely, and put the note in her pocket. Chris sat down on the bed, and Ami sat close next to him. He wrapped an arm round her as she lent her head up his shoulder. Everyone woke up. They all sat on Ami's bed. Ami ran to the kitchen, and made them all toast, crumpets, eggs, bacon and orange juice, and carried it back up. Ami noticed that Chris still had the blood splattered ribbon tied around his wrist.

She went to a box, and pulled out a leaf green ribbon. She cut it in two, and threaded half a heart onto each. She tied them round Chris's and her own wrist.. Chris looked at it. "I love you Chris." Ami whispered. Chris pulled her onto his lap, and kised her. At about five in the eveninf, a knock came on the door. Ami opened the door. A page boy handed her six parcels. "Thank you." She said, and she handed him a gold coin.

 The boy stared in marvel at her. Ami closed the door, and handed everyone their parcels. Ami shooed the boys into their own room. Rimu and Ami opened their packages, and pulled out two beautiful dresses. Ami's was sky blue and white, and Rimu's was pale green. also in the package were a pair of tights, but no shoes. Rimu shrugged, and both girls changed into their dresses. Ami thied her hair back, and took off her bracelet and necklace. She placed them in her special box, and went into the orachard.

Her mother and father were waiting there for her. The four boys came outside. They were dressed almost the same, apart from they all had different coloured shirts. They walked up to Ami. "Line up." said the king. They stood side by side with Rimu, and Ami stood beside her parents. The king Touched his sceptre to each of the boys and Rimu's shoulders, and Ami kissed each on the forehead (Craig had to bend down slightly for her). The king said loudly, "You are all princes and princess now. You will be treated as Ami is, and now Chris can date Ami, since they are the same status."  Three page boy came with crowns and tiara, and Ami pace one on each of her friends heads, and they all hugged her.

                                     Everyone was happy.

                                                 The End

The End

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