Parental Approvement

Chris pulled away, and cried out with joy. Everyone came forward, and practically dived at the couple. They all hugged eachother. They went back to Ami's room. Ami was now fine. At dawn, Ami's parents came in to see Ami, Rimu and Chris curled together, and the others shared Rimu bed. Ami woke up at the sound of the door. "Mum! Dad!" she cried, and ran into her father's embrace. She pulled her father over to see the sleeping Chris. Ami woke him. He rubbed his eyes, then stood. "Y...y..your Magesties." he stammered, and bowed.

 He did not raise his head still Ami took his hand. "Wait, this is...?" her mother said. Ami giggled. "Yeah. I love a servant boy. Well, not a servant anymore. None of these lot are." she indicated to her friends. Chris let go of Ami's hand. "If I may, your Magesties, may I ask for your approval? If I do not have your approval, well, I shall love your daughter anyway! She save my life, and I love her for just who she is, and not because she's a princess."  Chris said loudly. Ami laughed at how bold Chris was.

Ami's mother thought and muttered to herself, but her father just laughed. "Even if my wife disagrees, you have my approval! Anyone who could be as caring for my daughter has my vote anyday! Look after her though. And by the way, I have sacked all of the guards an torturers after I read Ami's letter, and if I catch one torturer inside my knigdom again, then they shall be banished!" Ami's mother nodded beside the king. They left the room, and Chris hugged Ami. A note was pushed under the door.

The End

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