The Ritual

At midnight, everyone carried Ami into the orchards. The moon shone brightly down on them. Rimu gave each boy a candle, and they lit on each. They had to prove themselves, and they were determined. First was Rimu.

"You are my best friend, you have been since we met at the age of five. You saw me laying in the street, and you saved me. I just hope I can repay you for that. We're friends forever, nomatter what!" she said softly. Next was Callum and Steve.

"You helped us up if we fell. You took us in. You were the first person who ever cared for us. Our old master used to whip us, till we were like you are now. We got by on our friendship, and our hope that we would be loved one day." said Callum. Steve nodded, and kissed Ami's forehead. "Thank you." he choked. Next was Craig.

Craig pulled Ami into a soft kind hug. "I found a chunk of silver today. I thought of trading it for freedom, then I realized, that you had already freed me. I made it into this pendant." he tied it round her neck. It was a silver circle, with a picture with them all in. He laid Ami back down, and steped back. Last, was Chris.

He took Ami, and held her. "Ami, you didn't have to do this. I, out of us all, used to be whipped the most, for trying to help the poor, sick, and dying on the street. I found myself dying inside. Then when I first saw you at your birthday, I loved you immediatly, regardless of me being a servant. And when you said that you'd go out with me, my heart soared. You brought us all to life. You brought us together." Chris stepped back. The moon seemed to only shine on Ami.

They all watched as Ami's back was healed, and the blood washed away, but Ami did not stir. Steve put his head on her chest, then reeled back. He kissed her forehead, and shook his head. Callum, Craig, and Rimu kissed Ami's forehead. Chris took Ami's body, and held it to his chest. Then he kissed her like he had never kissed her before. He stayed there, in that passionate embrace. Then, A hand went to his back, and pushed him closer to Ami. Chris opened his eyes, and saw Ami looking up at him.

The End

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