Midnight Ritual

"Tnight is the fullmoon, and you will have to prove how much Ami means to you. You can say words about her, you can offer things, you could give memories, anything. If they are worthy, Ami will heal bit by bit."  Rimu told them. I was almost lunch time, and none of the guards had told anyone of what they had done. Ami could open her eyes, and move her hand and talk, but she could move anymore.

She requested a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote a note to her parent. It read:

Dear Mother and Father.

Right now, I am in my room, suffering. Your guards wanted to kill my best friends and the one I love, so I gave myself to them instead. I have been whipped so that i can barely move, and my friends are tending to me. I asked Rimu to bring you this letter, because if I asked one of the guards, they would tear it up, and it would never reach you.

From your daughter Ami x


Ami rolled it up, and sealed it with some wax. She handed it to Rimu, who practically ran out of the room as soon as she had her hands on the message.

For the rest of the day, Steve and Chris stayed beside Ami, while Callum and Craig tried to think of what they could say at midnight. Ami whispered to Chris, "Get me that boz please." Chris reached and grabbed it, and gave it to Ami. She opened it and sighed. She showed the boys. It was the thing they had given her when they had first arrived here.

"Please get me that box." Ami said. Steve got the box. Ami opened it, and it was full of large gold coins. She counted all of the coins and smiled. Rimu arrived back. Ami wrote another note, but it only had names on; Chris, Steve, Craig, Callum, Rimu.

She placed it inside the box, and closed the lid. "Take this to the servant quarter, and take it to he misstress." Ami said. Rimu opened her eyes wide, smiled, and left. Chris looked at Ami confused. "I counted how much I had, and I had enough to free you guys and Rimu from servantry. You are free." and with that, Ami fell to sleep smiling.

The End

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