Punishment for Punishment.

Chris limped to the door, and pressed his ear against it. "Ok, so we are to an agreement?" he heard Ami say. The guards grunted. Steve looked through the keyhole to see Ami being taken into their old room, follower by a whipper. The guards put the door on its hinges, and stood outside.

Steve gasped. "No. Surely not!" he thought to himself. then... a feminine shout came from that room. "Oh no..." Steve breathed. One grunt after another, until a knock came on the door. "We won't touch the prisoners." said the guards. Rimu opened the door, and let out a little cry. Ami fell on her feet. "Ami gave her own to save those four servant boys. Don't worry, she will live, but the whipper gave her a few extra, as she said that she loved the four boys and you. He's had an eye on her for ages." they stopped, and left.

Rimu pulled Ami's limp body into the room, and closed the door. All the boys were asleep. Rimu turned Ami so she could see her back. Her top was compleatly ripped open at the back, and every inch of her back had strips and blood across. Rimu woke the boys, who stared at Ami. Steve was the one who held her first.

Rimu looked into each of the boys eyes. "There is a way to heal her compleatly. It will take all of us." Chris's eyes were blurred with tears as he took Ami from Steve. "I'll do anything." he whispered.

The End

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