Safe...For Now

Ami and the others fled back to Ami's room, locked the door behind them, and Ami put a unbreakable lock on both the door and the newly fixed window. Only Ami or Rimu could leave the room. Ami tended to Chris's wounds. she didn't use magic since they were cut so deeply. She used a mixture of water, lavender, rose petals and Ami's tears. Ami mixed it with her own hands. Chris's eyes never left her.

When the guards tried to come in, they found that they couldn't. And to make matters worse for them, earlier Steve and Callum let all the innocent people who were locked in the cells go. "Let us in, princess, the prisoner must have his punishment!" called the guards. Ami sucked in her chest, and went outside. She closed the door behind her. Everyone heard Ami and the guards muttering.

The End

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