Oh Chris...

Ami opened the hatch to see if Chris was inside, and she saw he was. Ami gasped. Chris was chain with his arms held behind him, and his body flopping forward, only had his trousers on, and the ribbon that he had supposedly stolen was tied around his wrist. The rose was crushed a little away from him.

Ami opened the cell quietly. She saw Chris was blindfolded at he put his head up. His face had a red hand print on, and his back was bloody, and Ami saw three strips across his back from a whip. "I've already told you the truth! Ami gave me the rose, and I found the ribbon! I I don't care if I die tomorrow, just stay away from her!" he choked. Then he screamed, "AMI!!! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, I LOVE YOU!!!"

Ami laid her hands on Chris face. He flinched, then relaxed slightly at the touch of soft hands, and not the rough ones of a toturer. "Who's there?" he whispered. Ami kissed his forehead. "Ami!" he said. Ami took off the blindfold, and smashed the chains holding him. A siren went off, and the door closed before the others could get to them.

Ami sighed and rolled her eyes. "Trapped again." She giggled, and kicked the door open.

The End

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