Ami's Anger

She flew round to the boys' bedroom window, and Craig saw her. He pulled the others away from the window as Ami smashed the window with a punch. She punched the door, and her hand went strait throught it. she pushed it off its hinges, and threw it off. She flew at top speed to the dungeons, and her wings dissapeared.

There were two guards in front of the dungeons, and the bowed before the princess. "Let me into the dungeons." she said in between her teeth. The two guards came forwards to stop her, but she hit them square in the chest and the were thrown back against the wall.

She opened the door, and walked past the cells with the all the falsely accused in. They looked at her in awe, and as she took out two hefty guards, they cheered her on. At the cell on the end, the Cheif of police was stood there.

He was a large man, two times taller and ten times fatter. he had a red face, and loved his job. He bent down too low, and fell over. Ami kicked him with all her might, and he flew across the room like a comical human beachball.

The End

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