Chris's Sentence

A scroll was sent to Ami's room in the evening. Rimu snatched it away from their misstress, and slammed the door in her face. Ami had not eaten since dawn. She hadn't even left her room. Rimu pointed at the scroll in her own had, and Ami waved. Rimu opened the scroll and read it. She dropped to her knees, dropped the scroll, and cried. Ami picked up the scroll, and carried her friend to her bed as she sobbed. Ami read the note. It said:

Princess Ami,

At dawn, the male , Christopher D. J., will be executed at dawn for stealing arose and a ribbon from the princess, and loving her. The guards gave him permission to write one letter to one person, and he choose you. This is what he said:

'Ami, I love you, and will be with you, even when I am not by your side. Be happy forever. Chris xxx

From the Head Of Police.

Ami dropped to her knees, dropped the note as Rimu did, and she screamed for a long time. It was not long before Rimu started to scream. Ami, full of anger and hatered, stopped screaming, stood, and the windows shattered behind her. Rimu had never seen her like this, but she knew what happened to people who could do magic and got angry enough.

Ami sprouted black wings on her back, the jewels on her crown turned black, and her clothes turned into a black dress that came just above her knees. He hair tied back, she exited the smashed window.

The End

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