The Way Out...And The Way Into Trouble

Once everyone was awake, Chris asked Ami to go out with him infront of everyone. Ami blushed, and felt a tear roll down her cheek as she nodded. Chris hugged her, and everyone holding onto each other, they climbed the tunnel, and up to the surface. "Hold on tight." Ami said. Everyone held on to Ami. The window to her room opened, and Ami soared up with her friends, and into the room. Rimu was staring at them.

The boys let go of Ami, and the two girls ran and embraced. Ami explain to Rimu what had happened. Chris took Ami's hand. Rimu stared at them, her mouth opened wide. Chris sat with Rimu the rest of the night, talking about Ami.

They stayed awake all night. Chris and Ami sat in the corner, and when dawn came...

"Wakey, wakey! Time to look for..." Ami's misstress came through and looked at Chris, holding Ami's hand. "You! Guards! Get him. A servant with the princess!" Chris was taken away by the guards to the dugeons, where he awaited his punishment. The rest of the boys were locked in their room, away from Ami.

The End

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