Steve looked at Ami with a look that said, 'Look at him.' Ami mouthed to Steve to close his eyes, and Ami quickly got changed into jeans and a white tank top. She knelt by Steve, and he pushed Chris onto her, without Chris knowing who Ami was. "Steve,'ve got to help me! I h..h..her!" Chris sobbed. Ami put her bloody hands under Chris chin, and pulled him up to look at her. Chris tried to pull away, but Ami was strong, she held him in place.

He wouldn't look at her face. "Look at me." Ami said softly. Chris pulled his head round. Ami held his chin, and kissed him. She didn't care Steve was there, she wouldn't have cared if her mother and father were staring at her now. All that mattered was Chris. She let go of his chin, and put her arms round his neck as he put a hand in her hair.

They broke apart, and Ami said, "I don't care about the law! I don't care! I would take every whip! Just for you!" Chris looked as if he had just been slapped. Steve grinned at Ami. Ami let go of Chris, and Steve launched himself into Ami's arms. Chris hugged them both.

The End

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