Forbidden Love

Craig placed a hand on Ami's shoulder, but she just batted it away. Then Steve came up behind her, turned her to face him, and hugged her. Ami was grateful for that feeling that someone cared. Steve, Craig and Ami sat in a corner, and Callum went to try and cheer Chris up. All the boys fell asleep, and Ami stayed awake. She looked at them all in turn, then stood.

She kissed Steve, Craig and Callum on the cheek, then lifted them with her magic into one corner. She went to Chris, who was asleep in the corner. She took hold of him gently, and she lay his head in her lap, and she stroked his hair. She loved him, even if he couldn't accept that. A tear dripped down as she looked at his peaceful face.

She put her face close to his, and whispered, "I love you." She played with a lock of his thick, curly blond hair. She kissed his lips, and lay his back in his corner.

The End

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