Trapped. Fun for All The Friends.

All the friends were awake now, and were hungry. Ami and Craig made them a decent dinner of fruit and eggs. Steve and Callum played a game where they had to hold both of their opponents hands to the floor with their own. Steve shouted, "Trapped!", and Callum muttered back, "I know we are." Everyone erupted in laughter.

 Everyone except Criag ran around, chasing eachother. Chris stopped suddenly, and turned around, and Ami ran into him, and they fell over. Chris helped her up, and smiled. Ami loved his smile. Steve, Callum and Crig fell to sleep, and Ami and Chris were sat by the fire, side by side.

"Chris, why do you have my ribbon?" She whispered to him. Chris took said ribbon out of his bag. He turned to her, and looked her in the eyes. "Oh, her eyes. They're so beatiful and full of kindness." he thought.

"Close your eyes." he said softly. Ami shook her hair back, and closed them. Chris leaned forward, and, one hand on her shoulder and one in her hair, he kissed her passionatly. He started to pull away, but Ami hugged him.

Chris pulled back suddenly. Ami looked confused. "This is wrong, Ami! Wrong, I say! I love you, but I can't be with you! Your a princess, and I'm a servant! I'll be whipped if I'm found kissing you!" Chris stood, and turned to the wall. A large hand fell onto his shoulder, that could not have been Ami's.

"Law, smaw! Who cares, Chris? You love her, and that's your choice!" Criag said, and Chris turned around. Chris walked passed Ami, and sat it the corner, faceing the wall. A tear dropped down Ami's cheek.

The End

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