Damn It.

Steve woke up to see Ami cooking eggs on the fire. He looked up. the hole had closed up. Steve went to sit next to Ami. She had a single tear track down her cheek. "How are we going to get out of here?" she asked him. He took hold of her hand to comfort her, but she pulled away, and stared at Chris.

"Why does he have my ribbon?" she asked softly. A question Steve didn't know himself. He shrugged. Ami crawled over to Chris, and snuggled up beside him. He whispered her name. Steve looked at Ami ans Chris as the slept. He turned towards the wall, and started to dig at the wall with a fork. He was going to get the out of there. Somehow.

By evening, Steve had nearly reached the surface, until...WHOOSH! Someone fell into the hole, and slid down with Steve, blocking up the escape. Steve groaned. "Sorry!" said two voices together. Craig and Callum.

The End

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